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PreProposal: Dashparty, port Counterparty to Dash


New member
Hi everyone! John Villar here (maintainer of Counterparty).

We're building a pre-proposal to fund (the already underway) port of Counterparty to Dash.

This means we'll be able to let people create Tokens over Dash with a lot of ease.

This would add other features to Dash that are not immediatly obvious:
  • NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens.
  • Possibility to easily create stablecoins.
  • On-chain DEX, without middle parties.
  • A simple way to broadcast messages and keep them on the Dash blockchain.
  • Dividends, Betting, on-chain oracles, etc.
Funding this proposal would allow us to carry on porting the software and making it available to the general without introducing an intermediate token (which would be the fund-less way to keep the proejct ongoing).

The pre-proposal (concept) is up on DashNexus, however i'm still below the post limit here and can't post links ;)