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Pre-proposal Video 1...my introduction


New member
Good day from the UK,

My name is Christopher James Pomfret.

Welcome to my video introduction to my pre-proposal of my vision for Dash to play a pivotal role in educating Tax Advisers across the world to solve a HUGE and URGENT need...immediately. Giving Dash an incredible brand enhancement.

To make this happen I believe we need to find a way to simplify the message so even a five year old gets it...see what you think of my attempt at that in this video.

Why is this intro video not accompanied by a full description with financials? They will be here within 48 hours...they are waiting on the agreement of two key connections that will add incredible gravitas.

WITH DEEP RESPECT to the incredible Dash community...I simply ask for your thoughts on this six minute video...all ideas, questions, comments, referrals and offers of support will be welcomed and replied to.

I am truly proud and excited to bring this introduction before you.


PS the link to the video if you know someone that you think would welcome receiving it...

Humbled gratitude
Welcome to the community crypto grandpa! You are asking all the right questions and your enthusiasm for dash is clear.