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Pre-Proposal: Shorten max duration of proposals to 12 months


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I am sure you all have ideas of what the magic number is or an alternative to how this could be done. Submit proposals with your ideas. In the meantime, this one is very straight forward.
If we are talking about implementation proposals, I agree to shorten.
If we are talking about governance proposals, we have to increase the max duration to 3 years.
I think we can easily disquish intent.
This is achieved with the double vote.
for example...

I cast a proposal, and I tag it as governance.
Then the people vote for it not only yes/no/abstain, but also whether the tag I put as proposal owner was indeed a gov tag or a troll tag.

Instead of casting a single vote to a proposal
we should be allowed to cast a double vote
(yes/no/abstain, governance/implementation/troll/already_exists)
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With these proposals I am deliberately trying to keep things super simple. In the past the only passing proposals with substantial changes were made from insiders i.e. DCG. We can do lots to improve governance but it has to be done with lots of little steps. We are fortunate to have affordable proposals now, in part because the change to code was very simple.
All these changes you are proposing, even the one where you demand a monthly update from all POs can be solved with social consensus. If we all agree to not fund long running proposals, then we won't otherwise we will, I don't think the protocol needs to reject them. Interestingly, there is no limit (that I am aware of) on the duration of a proposal, so when I was building the new Dash Proposal Generator (1 confs accepted!) I made an arbitrary limit of 24 payments (2 years), but it could be longer.


In the case of MNOwatch, it did make sense that we raise a proposal for 12 months, here's why.
  • Our proposal is for hosting fees, these are ongoing monthly costs, we plan on sticking with Dash forever.
  • Our ask is just one Dash, the fee alone is 1 Dash, so over 12 months, we get 12-1 = 11 Dash maximum.
  • MNOs can defund us at any time should they feel the need to do it, one reason might be in the case the price jumps to $1000 and they deem the fee too expensive. Heck, I'd vote NO myself. :p

Your efforts might be better used creating a MNO playbook where we add guidelines for things MNOs should consider or request of POs when reviewing Proposals each month. I think Strophy had such a guide, but it would need updating for the current age.