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Pre-Proposal: Separate the network layer from the vote layer

Should masternodes have privkey for voting separated from the one used for network identification?

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Lets put a governance question asking whether the masternodes want to have a privkey for voting separated from the one used for network identification.

Is anyone interested in creating a multisig address, and do a fundrasing in order to reach the amount of 5 dash proposal fee and be able to add this governance question?

Lets start a list of the people who are interested in this fundrasing. Whenever the list reaches the 5 dash goal, we are going to vote for the person who we trust he creates the multisig address, and vote the minimum (m) number of signatures required to spend the money. Everyone may gives whatever he/she wants, even a single duff is welcome, and he/she may defines whatever terms or conditions he/she desires in order to give the amount. The only expected is to keep his/her promise.

The list follows (it will be updated accordingly):

1. Myself @demo ( XnpT2YQaYpyh7F9twM6EtDMn1TCDCEEgNX ) : I initially offer 7% of my entire fortune in Dash for this puprose ( 7% of my Dash fortune is currently set to 0.105 dash, since the above Dash address is the only non-empty I possess). Until the creation of the multisig address I keep the right to reduce or increase what I offer. But after the multisig address has been created, I hereby declare, on oath, that I will give the declared amount.
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Udjin's response suggests to me that the Core Dev team is aware of the issue and is working on it. Yes?

And certainly, identifying and addressing weaknesses is a good thing. But is there any evidence that this has ever happened?