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Pre-proposal Point of Sale and Dash


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Hello Folks,

We have developed fiscal register, it very innovative one. We are distributing it in Kazakhstan. Our clients except of small trading are Sberbank (largest bank in Russia) and second largest retail network - Small.
One of the main feature is that IKKM can be connected for almost any trading hardware just in 2 clicks. Also it has it own memory to save transactions if no internet connection on site while transaction are made.

We have an idea to add Dash to this IKKM and allow thousand of users pay bay app, strictly from their wallets.

The costs are 1200-1300 dashes, the finance will go to adding Dash interface to our IKKM, app building.

Next 500 Dashes we need for opening office in the US and building the network of partners for selling all over the US and Europe.

We want your opinion, lets discuss
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