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Pre-Proposal: MyDashWallet Development Part 3


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TLDR: Our work on MyDashWallet, the bots, mixing services and native Android/iOS wallets continues. We are very happy with the user growth and positive feedback we are getting every day. This would be the third proposal for MyDashWallet and we are asking for 35 Dash * 3 months. Upcoming features: 10 new languages, 5m TX Event, Shapeshift alternative for Dash, HD Wallets, Signing, Chatting on the blockchain and much more.

MyDashWallet is a very successful project that was funded twice by the Dash DAO with a high approval rate (93%): https://www.dashcentral.org/p/MyDashWallet https://www.dashcentral.org/p/MyDashWallet2 and also recently by DashBoost to finish remaining native Android/iOS Wallet work: https://www.dashboost.org/proposals/view/199/MyDashWalletMobileWallets
Like many others we were unlucky this year to get enough funds in recent months to pay the bills and keep the lights on, but we still managed to complete almost all planned features and with only a delay of 1 month rolling out the remaining features: Native Android/iOS wallet and some remaining parts like custom node installer are coming this month. If anyone wants to check out the amazing native MyDashWallet on Android beta, which is much more usable and comfortable than the website version (which also still works and gets weekly updates and improvements): https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.deltaengine.mydashwallet

Our stats can be checked at: https://mydashwallet.org/stats (soon with more numbers and graphs and all that fun). We have seen exponential user growth, especially in the tipping, games and mixing sections:

August was the best month for MyDashWallet.org with an additional 18% user growth, session time increased from 2 minutes to over 4 minutes and 33% more users on mobile as compared to desktop usage, which still dominates (but that will likely change soon with the release of the native Android and iOS wallets). All the following numbers are between 500% and 10000% up from our last proposal:
  • Transactions: 12977
  • Dash Send: 34 839 763 mDASH
  • PrivateSend Transactions: 2502
  • Dash Mixed: 12 953 710 mDASH (+120% in just August)
  • InstantSend Transactions: 1420
  • Tip Accounts: 1583
  • Tips: 10646 (+30% in the past few weeks)
  • CoinFlips (Bot Game): 3497 (almost 100x in the past 5-6 weeks)
  • In August broke our unique user record by another 18% to 2161
  • Desktop: 78.0%, Mobile: 20.4%, Tablet: 1.6%
  • [Will add images to Android/iOS mobile app once fully released]
In addition to ongoing work with the website, support, bots and services we like to propose the following (some ideas might evolve into Dash evolution dapps once they are possible):
  1. HD Wallet support on MyDashWallet, which already works for hardware wallets and we also got support for an external wallet to receive tips on, but many users want a full HD Wallet to use in their browser with new receive addresses every time they receive something like we all are used to from other wallets.
  2. Chat on the Dash Blockchain similar to https://memo.cash for bch. We already have chat messages from the website, twitter, reddit and discord on all tips and will add additional features to post links, use smilies, add images and vote on messages. An overview site will show all public chats in the blockchain and each transactions list includes all chat messages a user has send or received/replied on based on his address or twitter/reddit/discord/email username.

  3. Swap Dash to BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC, which is already implemented in the bot, but we never had enough time to complete this on the Website and provide a great user experience like for Shapeshift, which is soon requiring users to register. This might give us a great advantage, plus our fees are much lower and we have an amazingly fast service that can convert coins in seconds.

  4. Additional features as requested by the community including requesting Dash from another user, signing messages, verifying messages and importing and exporting HD wallets in different formats.
  5. Example Dash Webstore: Based on an idea from community members in Discord we added support for Dash on BtcPay (similar to bitpay) and want to provide simple example store anyone can copy and use to add Dash payments to their website or store. We will sell something like Dash T-Shirts on that store with just the cost the supplier/printer is requesting.
  6. Email notifications on receiving tips, dash or chat messages. Some users showed us some wallets that have a nice notification feature on incoming transactions, some apps call this Sales Tracker (to be used by stores selling stuff and getting a notification once the user has actually paid), but this is also useful for many other purposes and fits well into the tipping, chatting and using MyDashWallet in general. With this feature any dash address can be monitored, not just own.
  7. Savings Account idea was revisited, we plan to forward Dash from users to Neptune Dash Pooling service once it becomes available, we are in discussion with them about how to proceed once they are ready.
  8. 5 Million Transaction event for Dash during the 12.4 release (probably in the next 30 days), we already prepared a nice website (similar to bitcoinstresstest.cash and txstreet.com) and will communicate with press and the core team for a great event. The actual costs for the dash fees are covered by donations to MyDashWallet (via !donate), which is 10 Dash.
  9. 10 more languages for the website and involvement by native speakers to check our current translations as well (some of this was cut due to price depreciation, English, German and Spanish was checked quite well by community members, but we still need professional support for the other languages)
Costs: 35 Dash/month for 3 months
Feedback welcome, previous discussions: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/mydashwallet-continued-development.37723/
MyDashWallet seems to have had a major impact on utility and adoption. More language support alone would be well worth the money. I'm intrigued by hint, "chatting on the blockchain." Going for a memo copy or more of an IM thing? Either way should be a good value and I'll support it.
Now as ShapeShift will Require “Basic Personal Details” for New Membership Program. (Know as AML/KYC) Swap BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC, and so on... to -> DASH <- should be a good alternative.

The additional proposed "Text-in-Blockchain Function" looks like a handy feature to tell a receiver his payment notes. Nobody else bcash has something like that.
Let´s talk on the Blockchain! ;)
Will vote no until you remove all third-party embeds; google stats etc

As we don't really need to track anything on the client side and the Google Analytics do not provide us with much details anyway (except for % of mobile vs desktop devices and another page view count), we will make it opt-in instead of opt-out, thus it will be removed by default. Let us know if this is alright with you
As we don't really need to track anything on the client side and the Google Analytics do not provide us with much details anyway (except for % of mobile vs desktop devices and another page view count), we will make it opt-in instead of opt-out, thus it will be removed by default. Let us know if this is alright with you

Good, thank you, will change to yes.