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Pre-proposal: Introducing Dash to the international Robotics/STEM community.

Redbird Robotics

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Redbird Robotics is a team of 40+ students competing in major international robotics tournaments, including FIRST Robotics.

Redbird Robotics can provide Dash exposure to the entire US robotics community and beyond by becoming the first robotics team to be sponsored by a DAO.


Our team is split into multiple subdivisions which include the mechanical, electrical, software, business and finance team.

The mechanical, electrical and software team is in charge of building, designing and assembling the robot. They would be in charge of Dash logo placement on the robot, and giving it a Dash appearance. The business and finance team works on maintaining and organizing the team. This includes budgeting, social media, and outreach.

We have a designated person who runs all of our social media outlets, and a designated person who updates our website, as well as multiple members who will be updating our website blog throughout the season to keep track of our progress.

Team Social Media:

2017 Team Season Facts:

In the 2017 season, Redbird Robotics won the Mid-Atlantic District Championship, attended the FIRST Robotics World Championship in St. Louis, and is ranked was ranked as one of the top 200 teams in the World

2017 Season Recap Video

About Me:

As the business director of our robotics team, I am in charge of running the business and finance team, developing our website, overseeing our sponsor relationships, and coordinating our team events.

My main interests are in comp-sci and business. I find Dash’s governance and budgeting system to be a fascinating implementation of blockchain technology and want to take an active role in its development.

As a student I try to excel in the activities I am involved in. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and am the captain of the Varsity Academic Team. I really enjoy academics and like to spend my free time learning as much as I can.

Faculty Head:

Our team’s faculty head is the instructor for “Project: Lead the Way” at our school, which is a course broken up into parts to teach students how to be successful engineers. He became the advisor of the team 3 years ago, and has been guiding us to success ever since.

Community Involvement:

We work to be involved in the community by organizing events such as STEM Nights for kids with special needs, FIRST Ladies/Women in STEM Conferences, and demonstrating our robot at the NJ State Fair. We can use this community involvement to also further promote Dash.


How will this sponsorship benefit Dash?

1. Reaching a large audience:

FIRST Robotics is the biggest international competition in the world. It gathers 83,000+ Youth Team Members, 20,000+ Mentor/Adult Supporters and thousands of spectators. There are multiple live streams, making these competitions accessible to an even broader audience via the internet. Online statistics show about 675,000 users accessing the live stream throughout the season.
FIRST Robotics Video and FIRST Robotics Facts

2. Education:

By partnering with Dash, we will educate the new generation of tech savvy teens about the convenience and security of cryptocurrency, namely Dash. The people that participate in the FIRST competitions are some of the brightest students in the world. Most of them go on to pursue STEM careers at prestigious universities such as MIT and Stanford, and many continue to volunteer and promote the organization.

How will we spread awareness about DASH?

1. Competition Display: Each team has a 10 ft by 10 ft by 10 ft space (called a “pit”) to display their robot, have their tools set up, and have any other materials they want. We would love to have a Dash themed set-up with a metal frame with blue LED lights and a large 10 ft by 6 ft backdrop sporting the Dash logo. In the front we will hang a banner with our team logo, and a border that says “Powered by Dash.” We will also add the Dash to our presentation materials, such as posters and pamphlets, and will have a designated Dash representative available from our team to answer questions and talk about Dash. There are always people walking around asking questions, so this would be a perfect opportunity to get Dash exposure.

(some of our presentation materials)


(some of our team with the robot in the pit)

2. Robot: We will put a large Dash logo on our robot, which will be seen by all of the spectators at the competition. The robot will also appear in hundreds of pictures used for promotional purposes, so the Dash brand will be spread throughout the robotics world and beyond. We will give the robot a Dash-related name, and make it the Dash blue wherever possible.

3.Team t-shirts: We will put a large version of the Dash logo on the back of our team t-shirts which will be worn by our whole team (about 40 members) as well as multiple mentors, parents, and fans. These will be worn at all competitions, and will be seen by thousands of people.

4. Media: Dash will be prominently displayed on all of our team and affiliated social media accounts, which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. We have hundreds of followers that see our posts. Our posts are also seen by other robotics teams, as well as our sponsors (such as N.A.S.A.), and other parents and adults. We will also put Dash information on our team’s website. We can have a tab that explains Dash as well as links to additional resources. We will also make a Twitter account for the purpose of updating the Dash community on our marketing progress.

5. Dash Giveaways: We will create various Dash merchandise items such as T-shirts, pens, magnets, stickers, etc. to give away to those who successfully answer a question about Dash, as a prize for learning about Dash or just to those who are excited about spreading Dash awareness. The contests will be boosted on our affiliated social media accounts and our website which will open them up to thousands of people around the world. Even if someone doesn’t enter a contest, they will still gain exposure to information about Dash, and will have all of the links available to get involved.

Costs: These are some estimates of prices for different promotional materials

  • Metal Truss Frame - $6000, which will be used for all our future competitions (at least 4 per year)

  • Custom Dash Backdrop - $500

  • Blue LED Light Strips - $250

  • Team Banner presented by Dash - $250

  • Dash Promo T-Shirts (100) - $1000

  • Dash Promo Hats (50) - $1000

  • Dash Promo Pens (250) - $500

  • Large Dash Promo Stickers (250) - $500
  • Social media campaign with boosted posts on social media channels and Google, targeting the STEM & Robotics communities - $2000
    • All promotional videos will feature:
      • Verbal mention of Dash as a sponsor

      • “Powered by DASH” icon

      • links to get in touch for additional information about DASH
GRAND TOTAL: $12,000

**all of our Dash related materials will be prepared based on the new Ogilvy & Mather Dash brand guidelines

If there are any excess funds due to the price appreciation of Dash - we will use them to create additional marketing materials for future competitions, as well as increasing our boosted content spending.

If this partnership is successful, we would love to continue working with Dash in the future. It would be awesome to see Dash as a sponsor of FIRST Robotics in the future or as a sponsor of a FIRST scholarship. This will have a long-lasting, positive impact as FIRST Robotics is a very respectable organization as the largest international robotics competition.

If there is any other information you would like to know about our team, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Redbird Robotics
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This looks great!

Dash should totally be onboard of techy events as they're mainly our potential userbase. Hope you get the support you need.
This looks like a great opportunity that Dash should definitely support. Investing in academic opportunities related to technology is a great way to establish a positive connection with the general public.
Here's a wild ass idea:
Can you show the speed of Dash InstantSend vs. other cryptos by using the blockchain transactions to control robots?
Could be a timelapse of a moonwalking robot or something.
That would be pretty revealing.
As a former FIRST competitor myself, this is awesome to see!! Hope it passes.

Here's a wild ass idea:
Can you show the speed of Dash InstantSend vs. other cryptos by using the blockchain transactions to control robots?
Could be a timelapse of a moonwalking robot or something.
That would be pretty revealing.

^^ This is a pretty cool idea and should technically be possible using something like the Dash Graffiti Generator - https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-graffiti-generator.15644/

I'm not sure if Instantsend locks would include the data payload though. The other approach would just be to have your robot running code that correlates transactions of a specific amount with commands and maybe just run it on testnet.

So if it saw a transaction for .001 Dash -> go forward for 1 second
If it saw a transaction for .002 Dash -> turn left for .5 seconds
If it saw a transaction for .003 Dash -> turn right for .5 seconds

Or, if you want to be real fancy and you're just using Testnet money - you could use 0's and 1's and send binary information in the transaction size using all the points after the decimal.

Using Testnet Dash you wouldn't really care about the spending amounts. You could queue up a couple of things in a pretty basic application and then send the transactions and have the device listen for them.
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Please comment if you have any other questions! We would like to get as much feedback as possible in case we are missing something and need to add to our proposal.
i cant decide if you were the real redbirdrobotic or not as there is no mention of Dash in your tweet.so i voted NO

i hope you understand, thanks

EDIT : voted YES, i can see Dash in your tweet, i hope this proposal pass
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I thought you meant that we would put Dash in our bio if we were to get the funding, sorry for the misunderstanding. We usually add sponsors to our medias once we have them confirmed.