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Pre-Proposal | Interviews with Proposal Owners by Craig Mason

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Hello Everyone -

Introduction & Overview

I'm here today to pre-propose a service to the Dash community that builds upon my previous proposal based on the variety of helpful feedback I've received.

In my previous proposal, in an attempt to facilitate the discussion and engagement of MNO's in the voting system, I created summaries and commentaries on every proposal each month (Examples of which can be seen here). While a handful of people found these details quite helpful, many rightly noted that they tended to be a mile wide but often only an inch deep. I believe that is certainly fair criticism and am proposing something today that attempts to address it.

During the same time and separate from my previous proposal, I also had the opportunity to interview a variety of proposal owners about their ideas for the Dash community. Here's a list of these interviews:

Dash Proposals: In Detail - CryptoFeed

Dash Proposals: In Detail - Dash Academy
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Dash Help Venezuela - Support Center
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Feedbands DashInformer Advertising on Google, Facebook
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Hardfork Series
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Feedbands/Only-Spend-Dash
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Bit-To-Byte
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Dash For Southeast Asia FX Trader
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Dash Documentary
Dash Proposals: In Detail - Evolution Offers & Promotions Platform by The Acme

These interviews were much more in depth than the proposal summaries and I received overwhelmingly positive feedback and demand for more. Given feedback received as well as my experience from both the prior proposals and these interviews, I believe that the interviews create more value for the community.

Having watched the Dash proposal ecosystem very closely over the course of the last 6 months, it's my observation that (as is often the case) that a small percentage of the proposals deliver the most value. Additionally, another small (and sometimes overlapping) percentage of proposals are truly worthy of (or at least garner such) debate to the point that said debate likely actually makes a difference in the outcome of the vote.

As a result, I believe that these interviews will help in better elucidating the potential value and ROI (or lack thereof) of a proposal by allowing the community to see someone with a business background (10+ years in accounting for small businesses, started and sold two businesses.) have a sort of shark-tankesque (although perhaps more friendly) discussion with the proposal owner who is pitching his or her services to the community.

Proposal Structure

I propose to do 5 interviews/month in the same format as the links above with proposal owners who have active proposals up for vote in the current month. The proposals would be selected by me as a result of feedback from the community but would be done so weighted toward the aforementioned criteria of potentially high value proposals and proposals that appear to be likely to be close (in terms of pass/fail) in the vote.

The interviews would be delivered at as regular timing as possible (i.e. not all in the last few days); however, due to the general timing of most proposals coming in towards the later part of the month, the schedule would likely be weighted in that direction.

In order to get maximum traction and provide the most value, the interviews would be posted on the r/dashpay reddit, in the Discord, in the appropriate thread on Dashcentral, and on the Dash.org forum.


In order to prepare for, record, and manage this process, it takes approximately 4 hours of time for each one. I believe conservative hourly rate (in the US) for an hourly rate for someone with my background is $250/hour.

That said, of course I don't subscribe to the "labor theory of value", although the two (labor and price) are often correlated, a proposal should provide more value than it costs. I believe the value for this proposal comes in the potential difference in approval vs. rejection of one single proposal that is potentially "flipped" as a result of the information provided therein. (i.e. if one $60,000 proposal is rejected that otherwise would have passed, this proposal will pay for itself 10x or, if one $60,000 proposal that will provide $80,000 of value, the same principle applies.)

The cost breakdown would be as follows (assuming 5 interviews)

Time for preparation, interview, management: 5 interviews at 4 hours each at $250/hour = 5 x 4 x $250 = $5,000 (12.5 Dash at current prices)
Video editing costs: $180/video x 5 videos: $900 (2.25 Dash at current prices)
Proposal reimbursement: 5 Dash

Total: 19.75 Dash


I hope that this proposal can help the Dash community continue to improve its decision making process in allocating treasury funds. I believe that this decision process will be the key factor in determining Dash's success in the future, and I look forward to your feedback and would be honored to continuing to assist in that process.
Hello Craig! You really add to LOT of value to the Dash community with these interviews. You summarize a lot of subjects in less than 30 minutes, and your highly professional approach / questions make the interviews even more interesting and useful!

As a proposal owner, we had the opportunity to be interviewed by Craig (Dash Help Venezuela - Support Center), and we can not say more than good things about him. He asked accurate questions and I made that we could communicate better what was our proposal about. Besides, he shows who are behind the projects (people talk with no script), and in that way the MNOs can have a way BETTER knowledge about what are they voting to. There could be bad proposals with a good image, and there could be good proposals with a bad image, Craig helps to dig deeper in them and make the decision making easier. This is why his job is so important.

Good luck Craig, cheers!
Through your interview I was able to see the Dash Help project and I really understood that this path is very useful both for the MasterNodes and for the community that wants to understand the projects.

This type of project greatly enriches the community and allows efforts to be devoted to jobs that really have a solid foundation.

Good luck with this proposal.
Thanks y'all for the feedback! As for the 3 months question - I am open to doing three, but I'll provide my rationale for doing just one as I was inspired from Amanda's recent month-by-month proposal as I think it has the following benefits:

-In my last proposal, I took some flack for the price increase in Dash over the course of the three month proposal. I think that taking on the currency risk should be negotiated between the proposal owner and the community/MNO's and have no problem doing so.

-I also think there is some benefit in being able to pivot slightly on a month-by-month basis based on feedback and what I learn after each month. In the last propsoal I did, I would have made a few changes after each month, but was locked in for three.

That said, it seems like most people prefer three months, so I will certainly take that and any other feedback into consideration prior to submitting!

As for submitting next month vs. this, I will definitely wait for next month to submit, so there can be plenty of time for discussion/etc.
Hi Craig,

I don't have a vote but I support any measure that increases engagement in the ecosystem and gives MNOs more actionable information. After watching quite a few of your videos I think you're providing real value for the network at a reasonable cost.

Jack @ DR
Hello Craig, greetings from Dash Youth Venezuela!

I find your proposal very interactive and creative; lots of people I know that are engaged in the forum and others that want to know more about it and its functioning, regrettably don't have the time or are not willing to read long proposals. These recorded interviews that you are proposing can give people the opportunity to engage more in the different proposals, know more about them and, a very important fact, they can get to know a little more about the people behind the creation of them. This audiovisual resource gives lots of benefits and taking advantage of it will improve for sure our community.

Also, I think that maybe in a short term of time, you should consider interviewing proposal owners that are currently conducting their projects with the objective of giving viewers and MNO's the opportunity of evaluating for themselves every project.

Wishing you the best of the lucks!

Showny - Dash Youth Venezuela.
Hello everyone - I have yet to submit this proposal (for reasons I will address during the stream), but I will be streaming about the month's proposals later today at 4PM PST at the following link:
Feel free to DM me on discord (@craigmason) or in the chate before or during the stream with any thoughts, comments, questions, etc! Looking forward to the discussion!
I put in a yes vote because I have always been a fan of your style and free-flowing videos. I've watched your show and fanbase grow (just as I knew it would) and think the days are coming where The Mason Show will be getting many views a week. You take fun topics-chat them over-and make it fun for the viewer. You keep it real Craig-and you probably could have snuck your price up more for your proposal-but you keep it at a reasonable rate and I respect that.

Keep building up!
Hi Craig!

Complete YES from me. I have really enjoyed watching your interviews and they were of much help in the process of understanding how important is the proposal system to the goal of massive adoption.