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Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

Frame 48

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Hey Everyone,

First off, we would like to thank the entire community for supporting the first portion of our documentary series around Dash adoption in developing nations, Starting from Scratch. We just got back from our 9 day shoot in Zimbabwe, where we spent time with people from all walks of life, from rural farmers, to street vendors, to the Mayor of Harare. We captured some truly amazing footage that has never been captured there because of the strict regulations on media. We want to share a taste with you below before we get started on the edit:

The struggle in Zim is deep, primarily centered on the lack of a true financial system where people can exchange money and goods without friction. We think Dash and the work that Kuvacash is doing could be the solution.

We are seeking funding to cover the devaluation of Dash since our proposal was approved back in February. Our initial budget was $167k USD when Dash was valued at $732 USD weighted monthly average.

After the market crashed, we held in hopes that it would recover back to that value, but had to sell at $450 USD to recuperate the production costs that we had paid for, leaving a gap of roughly $77k USD. We trimmed costs in production with our amazing fixer (Rodney Knight of Film Fixers Africa) and were able to save a significant amount, so we are asking for $50k USD to cover our post production costs, finishing costs, and advertising costs.

We have applied for escrow with the Dash core team to make sure this gets done right.

This documentary will be released directly to the public for free. No festivals. No distribution platforms. No ad revenue.

Our targeted release date is June 15th, roughly one month before the Zimbabwean presidential elections.

Some interviews you have to look forward to:

  • James Saruchera, Drako Kerdemelidis, and Spiro Antonopoulos of the Kuvacash team

  • Nigel Gambanga, William Chui, and Yeukayi Kusangaya of Golix

  • Bernard Manyenyeni, Mayor of Harare

  • Valentine and his family, business owners and farmers that were given land during the agrarian reform of the early 2000’s.

  • Aaron Tapfuma, a local union leader in charge of Kombi and bus owners in Harare

  • Kenny, a street merchant who travels out of country to get wares to sell in downtown Harare.

  • Lovedale Makalanga, a brilliant Harare musician who has graciously given us approval to use his songs in the film.

And many more, including Kombi drivers, Cash exchangers that sell USD for a profit, and merchants that need to buy USD to pay for their international goods.

We also want to figure out how to credit the DAO in the title and credit sequences. Typically it would look like “Frame 48… in association with X” and then at the end we would say, “This documentary was funded entirely by X”

Link to the original approved project: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DOCUSERIES-KUVACASH-FULL

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback before we bring this to the budget!

Cheers and Thanks,

Seth Josephson

Creative Producer, Frame 48
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The teaser looks great, and I think projects like this will be essential in promoting and educating others about our other projects like KuvaCash. 125 Dash is nothing to sneeze at, but I think your project is more than worth it because of its synergy with our other efforts. This is something I will definitely support and encourage other MNOs to support as well.

One question I have is do you have any plans for what you might do if the value of Dash significantly appreciates by the time you receive your funding?
Thanks so much Arthyron! We applied for escrow with the core team to minimize any risks or opportunities with this round. We feel like Dash isn't going to drastically increase or decrease like when we initially received funding, but since this proposal is just to make up the gap from the devaluation in late Feb, we would rather receive fixed USD.
Terrific work! I trust that you will be fairly compensated for your efforts from the network giving the circumstances.
Looking forward to the release, and it is also very likely that you will receive continued support for further projects that you may chose to undertake in the future.