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Pre-Proposal - Evolution Wallet - Professional localization to other languages


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Hi Dash-ers,

With upcoming release of Evolution Wallet, I would like to offer myself to source localization for Dash Wallet with Keywords Studios (where I'm currently employed but in different dept.).

If Dash/ Evolution would like to be really adopted world-wide, the localization on professional level is a must for the main Dash tool (Evolution). Please see Keywords' portfolio, which is also including another services which might be used in future.

The budget for this project would depend on the amount of languages and amount of words we would be looking to be translated.

Please let me know, if you would like to have more details on this proposal and If any of the developers would be able to provide me list of languages (FIGS, Chinese, etc.) we are looking to have Evolution translated to and the amount of words/ strings.I would work on the pricing.

Please read also my other proposal for general FAQ, Dash Documentation and Web page localization in another tread.

Thank you,

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