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We are Mineria Virtual. We are a well-known for our cryptocurrency trading and mining courses, in Venezuela, that allow any person to get familiarized with cryptocurrencies and with the benefits of the crypto market. We seek to provide every person the opportunity to develop basic and advanced level skills in both trading and mining.

We have succeeded in building a solid trading community in Venezuela which continues to grow every day. We currently have an important sum of followers on our main social network account which is Instagram. We are recognized, and have earned the respects of Venezuelans across the globe as well as other Latin Americans.

instagram: @mineria.virtual


Due to the dire economic situation in Venezuela, people have been pushed to new limits causing them to innovate. Venezuelans have had to find alternatives, and to invest in markets that differ from the traditional way of doing business in order to protect their savings. Trading cryptocurrencies has become a subject of interest worldwide. It is one the most popular professions, because it allows people to make money over short and long periods of time while being anywhere at any time. In Venezuela, many people have abandoned their jobs and careers to become full time traders.


It is evident that Dash awareness is still very low. Not everybody knows what Dash is nor do they know about its potential uses. Due to the low level of awareness and some misinformation, there is a lack of trust to use Dash in everyday transactions. Also, most people have no knowledge about how to trade with Dash and the possible benefits this comes with.

Dash has to find innovative ways to inform the world about its benefits and advantages. In comparison to Bitcoin, user adoption and awareness is much lower for Dash. Therefore, it is necessary to develop solutions such as Dash Trading Clubs which will attract and inform a whole new batch of potential Dash users. The users are one of the fundamental parts in a functional ecosystem. For Dash to succeed and fulfill its purpose, establishing an ecosystem is key.

Dash Trading Clubs is the proposal that could solve this awareness and adoption problem, and contribute to Dash and its developing ecosystem, by establishing a Dash Trading community.


We believe that Dash has tremendous potential to solve many problems that Venezuelans face. We are looking to teach people how to use Dash, and how to earn more Dash by the use of trading techniques. If we show the existing trading community how to trade with Dash to earn more Dash as well as all the newcomers attracted, then a wave of people will join and participate in the Dash ecosystem.

We would like to do this by creating Dash Trading Clubs. These trading clubs will be located in the most popular malls in Venezuela as well as at exclusive locations. Each club will be equipped with the proper physical and human resources to assure optimal trading activities. The clubs will teach members with techniques and strategies to make more Dash by trading their Dash holdings. The membership payments will only be accepted in Dash, in order to promote the use of Dash for every day transactions.

Dash trading clubs will hold the following activities and offer these services:

  • Trading workshops
  • Trading conferences
  • Trading shows
  • Live trading
  • Pool for Dash masternodes
  • Project advisory for submission to Dash Forum


Members will benefit from this by learning how to make more Dash from their initial Dash balances. These clubs allow its members to grow and reach financial independence and stability.


  • Increase of Dash awareness
  • Increase of Dash adoption
  • Growth of existing Dash Community
  • Growth of the Dash Ecosystem
  • Increase of active masternodes
  • Increase in cryptocurrency market capital ranking
  • Increase of cryptomarket dominance


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I like your idea!!! I trader Too, but last time that i heart, Dash does not support speculation, for instance no Trading o.o i could be worng but i what i know.


Hello thank you for your input, before publishing this Preproposal we made a research about the events and proposals that have already been made about trading and we found some examples, however we will keep on looking in our investigation.
Interesting idea! Can you provide more detail on your educational program? Decision-makers here like to see details, budgets, plans. Recommend you invest some more time in developing your idea.

Keep going!
Thank you very much for the comment, this is the first post that will be modified in the course of this month, our next publication will have as main objective to expose the issues that you are proposing, we had not thought to include education topics we thank you for that added value.
Hello Mineria Virtual,

It is great idea to introduce people to the trading world, since, people in Venezuela only know about Dash as way of payment.
It would be interesting to know more about your proposal.

Best Regards
Marco Canelon
Hello Marco,

Thank you for your feedback! We are very excited to see members of the community show interest in our proposal! We agree. We would like to make the most out of the fact that Venezuelans are being introduced to Dash and that we have built a solid trading community through our organization Mineria Virtual. We believe this is the momento to start the trading clubs with Dash. We invite you to saty tuned for more. We will be publishing more about our proposal soon.

Thank you,
Mineria Virtual