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Pre-proposal: Dash To Asia

Would you want to join me as a team?

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(Note: new here, so this might look very draft-like)
(This is focusing on Asia/Southeast Asia since this could be key to Dash getting mass adoption)
(Feel free to suggest/comment)

1) Dash Across Southeast Asia
- using AirAsia budget airline, go to all suitable destinations
- find suitable community, small village, musician, boardgame club, artist scene, cafe, small island
- promote by giving a $10 USD value of Dash, help with Dash wallet installations
- in return, record their reaction, usage, difficulty, emotion - video/photography / writing
- record all useful statistics to be shared with Dash team such as usage, understanding, language, number of uses, what users seek/satisfied with
Budget: low ($5000 USD to $10000 USD)
Effects: grassroot, daily use case investigative outcome

2) Dash Kpop Group Formation and Publicity
- since there is a craze with Kpop, provide opportunity to sponsor a team(s)
- team will learn Korean, learn dance moves, learn singing
- commit to produce 3 songs with choreography, and music video
- one song would be quite Dash specific, others can have Dash interspersed (or not)
- publish journey from zero to completed music video
- timeframe: 2 months to 6 months (subject to discussion on how big or small it should be)
Budget: if HIGH - able to get partnership with Kpop production house, with very visible publicity especially across Asia, Kpop world, and Dash could become premium choice of payment for fans, buying their music, buying tickets, buying merchandise, voting for their team
if MEDIUM - good audition (e.g. across two countries), good exposure in media
if LOW - can be a simple, find amateur dancer/singer interested in Kpop - they are internship based so getting exposure yet a completed music video.
Effects: mass media, pop culture exposure
So what would be the total cost?
We're all would you work on this?
What kind of metrics would u use to measure success of this campaign?
Have you done any previous promotion of dash?