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Pre-Proposal | DASH Sponsors the NYC Marathon

To the DASH Community––

We are proposing an experiential platform to claim an ownable space in the consumer's mind; a first-mover opportunity to define the core of the DASH brand and meaning.

Every new marketing project begins with an objective question: "What has the brand got that we can use?"

DASH has many existing elements we can build upon:
  • Broadly descriptive brand name that conveys energy, momentum, impulse
  • Alliterative single syllable word with a strong mouth-sound
  • Name longevity that will stand the test of time as business grows
  • Culturally appropriate in global markets with no negative connotations
  • Forward-leaning logo moves with the eye/page, not against it
  • Primary color that's both conservative and solid, a palette used by the world's leading financial institutions from Barclays to Citibank

DASH is a non-government controlled digital currency that allows instant transactions at near zero cost. Implicit in its very existence is decentralized anti-authoritarianism. But as cryptocurrencies mature into consumer-facing brands, they must embrace messaging that tempers their hacker/anti-establishment roots on the path to mass adoption. (In this, financial services brands must be especially sensitive).

Disruptive technologies demand disruptive marketing; language and ideas that reframe and pivot the world into which this new brand is entering.

Brand Manifesto
It's fickle. It's elusive. It can start wars and bring peace. It can conjure love and destroy relationships. It can give us sleepless nights, and make dreams come true.

It's money.

It asks a lot of us. It demands attention. Money is work.

So let's turn this relationship with money on its head. Let's understand that money is nothing without us. It's just money. Not an end in itself, but a means to an end. A human end. Your life.

Instead of thinking you owe money, think: money owes you.

Brand Message

Money owes you access.
Money owes you opportunities.
Money owes you interest.
Money owes you courtesy.
Money owes you lost sleep.
Money owes you peace of mind.
Money owes you time.

You work hard for money. Make it work harder for you.

DASH. It's the new money.

[Animated logo flips the 'C' in CASH into DASH.]

We have two demographics of equal importance: retail consumers, and merchants.

Embracing the DASH brand DNA of community we will target groups (not individuals) of early adopters and influencers. A targeted merchant outreach campaign will run in advance of, and in proximity to, specific experiences that connect the brand/transactions to potential users.

In a 1-to-3 year business strategy, DASH will become the defacto sponsor of the world's MOMENTUM SPORTS, aligning itself on a human scale with events that showcase the human experience and emotions: the preparation, the commitment, the celebration.

Where Red Bull is individualistic, unattainable and risky, DASH will be democratic, accessible and embracing.

We propose DASH become sponsors of the New York City, London, and Tokyo marathons.

Members of the DASH community will be encouraged to create "DASHer" groups––marathon training groups that will prep in the ramp-up to race day.

  • DASH branding pre-race/onsite
  • Runners who choose to pay the sign-up fee with DASH receive pre-approval, plus additional benefits
  • DASH will partner with a charity (e.g. PinkCoin) and % of proceeds will be donated to select charities

The 2017 NYC Marathon had a global footprint:
37%: Percentage of runners from outside the U.S.
41: Average age of runners
98.8%: Percentage of racers who completed the course
124: Countries represented
$255: Entry fee for U.S. runners, $358 for foreign runners
$36.1 million: Amount raised for charities by more than 9,000 runners
51,394: Record number of finishers
2.5 million: Estimated number of spectators along the course

Level of sponsorship/fee TBD.

People don't remember marketing, they remember experiences. Group experiences 'Momentum Sports' like marathons (and Tough Mudder) require the least advertising. They are advertisements.

These are early days in the adoption of crypto. Earlier still in marketing them. There is potential legal jeopardy we must be mindful of to protect the new brand. Until SEC issues further guidelines on marketing, wise counsel suggests the less direct approach of event sponsorship. (In this we have taken advice from our experienced crypto-attorneys).

About Us
Household Name® is a Brooklyn-based advertising, social media, and experiential communications company with a focus on crypto. We look for synergies that combine directed outrageousness with pressure-tested analysis.

We recently engaged Star Trek legend William Shatner to video tweet about the Datum Network ICO. A cult hero to our 97% male techie audience, "Captain Kirk" increased traffic to Datum.org and helped propel them to a raise of USD $7.2 million. We uncovered a unique selling proposition––your data has value...you should get paid for it––and delivered this message to his 2.5 million followers. (Talent compensation was fully transparent with #promoted).

We field a team of 20+ year industry veterans of the top US agencies with extensive retail banking experience on Mastercard 'Priceless', Citibank, and BNY Mellon.

Individually, and as a company, we’re passionate about the future of crypto/blockchain and have been in conversation with both Sia and Monero.

An ideas company to our core, we generate original concepts and strategies that connect ideas with brands, and brands with people. We're proud to have partnered with these companies:


Thank you for your consideration.

Team Household Name®
Hey guys, I really like your idea.

But I'm having a hard time getting where the event would take place? In the states?

Also, I would like to see a more detailed explanation of the logistics and behind the event.

That aside, I believe this could be very benefecial for the community.


Hi Santos,

* Edited title for clarity *

We are proposing the 2018 NYC Marathon, then as the platform grows, marathons in major world capitals.

Among the NYRR sponsorship levels there is surprisingly no payment partner:


We see this as a clear opportunity space for DASH and are proposing a sponsorship level as 'Official Payment Partner.'



Team Household Name®
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