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Pre-Proposal Dash Nexus Cont.


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We are now in the final stretches of development and couldn’t be more excited for the initial release of the Nexus platform!

Since our update last month, we have finalized the visual designs for the platform and made significant development progress, bringing us closer to launch. Assuming that we are able to secure the funding necessary to complete the project, we will have the following release schedule:

  • October - soft release. We will be inviting proposal owners to create the first round of content with the new Proposal Creator. This will pre-populate the Nexus platform in preparation for launch and weed out any bugs/fixes that need to be addressed prior to the live release.

  • November - platform launch. This will be the live release of Nexus v1.0. The platform will be open to all users and will have the MVP feature-set, including on-platform voting.

  • December - maintenance & support. The first few weeks following launch are a crucial time for the platform. Our team will be in close contact with the entire Dash community to provide a smooth on-boarding process and address any issues that may come up.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing several short videos showcasing specific features, as well as a ‘teaser video’ that we will promote to the broader business community. This will help attract new users to the Dash ecosystem and remind the world that Dash is still the undisputed leader in decentralized governance.


This video is from a few weeks ago and we've made a bunch of progress since then!

Earlier today we rolled out an update to our Dash Central API proxy that adds in any proposals that are missing but valid on the network so we don't have a repeat of last month - this is something that is already being utilized by Bertrand256 in DMT as well.

We also started calculating in a new field called, `isZombie` that will allow us to differentiate between proposals that are valid but "zombies" on the platform but have no chance of receiving funding.

Visual Design:

Proposal Explorer

Proposal Detail

Even though our project is still severely underfunded, we have made the necessary adjustments to allow us to have minimal delays to the original launch schedule.

With that said, our team has assumed significant personal financial risk in doing so and is dependent on the approval of this proposal to have the funds necessary to complete development and execute our product launch.

Below is a chart showing the financial records of our original proposal’s payouts:


As you can see, we received significantly less funding than we asked for, even after our contingency was depleted. While this was a challenging setback for our team and required pulling back resources, shifting around priorities, and assuming personal risk - we are still on track with the execution of the project.

We are requesting 380 Dash/month for a period of 3 months to cover:

  • price depreciation from the original proposal
  • additional costs that arose out of the necessity to extend the duration of the project
  • sufficient funding to cover maintenance and support in the weeks following launch

With the additional funding requested in this proposal, we will be able to complete the project as planned, execute a smooth platform launch, and propel Dash forward as the leader in decentralized governance!

Beyond the initial release, our vision is to continue developing and upgrading the Nexus platform to ensure that it addresses the needs of the growing Dash ecosystem.

We have already received some amazing ideas and feature requests from community members that have made their way onto our roadmap. These additional features will be rolled out gradually with updates being released every few weeks. This will allow Nexus to continue expanding its functionality and for Dash to stay ahead of the competition.

We hope that you share our vision for the future of Dash governance and will continue to support our endeavor!

For any questions, please leave a comment, email us at [email protected], or contact us on discord in the #dash-nexus channel.

Thank you for your time and consideration in evaluating our proposal!

Jeff & Yuri
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@DashNexus -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. As far as I'm concerned, beyond Dash Core Group's ramp-up to the release of Evolution, this is probably the most critical project for the future of Dash as a whole, as it is poised to mitigate so many problems inherent to the treasury and voting system, as well as logistical problems that contribute to inadequate performance of both Masternode and Proposal Owners. All of these things have a direct impact on what Dash and its model are capable of doing, so the better our governance system is, the better our ecosystem will perform and flourish. For those that are reading, I cannot stress enough the importance of this project to the future of Dash, and the sooner we get this tackled, the sooner the whole Dash ecosystem can begin to reap the rewards. The DAO--even more than our capabilities as a payment platform--is the crowning achievement of Dash, and Dash Nexus is poised to be the flagship, digital presence of the DAO. It's often remarked "Dash can afford this." In this instance, Dash can't afford not to see this through.

That being said, what are your plans to control "feature creep" and to ensure that the need for continual funding doesn't outpace the capacity for or willingness of the treasury to meet that need?
Thank you for your support @Arthyron !!

In regards to feature creep and future burn rate - we will address this by managing our burn rate depending on the treasury conditions in the future, being mindful of both: the price of Dash and other proposals. Given that the platform will already be operational and all features on our roadmap could be considered 'enhancements' - we will have much more flexibility in terms of adjusting our burn rate. This way, we can ramp up the development rate when funds are available and go into 'low power mode' when funds are tight, providing only the most vital support and maintenance services.
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