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[Pre-Proposal] Dash Active Agents: Getting Dash in People's Hands


This proposal is to begin the Second Stage of the Dash Active Agents Program: a decentralized marketing strategy based on a P2P learning system aimed to educate users on how to use Dash simply.

For this new stage, we will continue the education program with a refined strategy, and provide a viable and scalable solution to solve the highest barrier towards adoption in Venezuela: the Dash / Bolivares exchange.

Motivation and Problem:
  • From the first stage of this project, we learned that informative activities are an effective strategy to penetrate communities and involve them in the Dash movement.
  • The Dash Active Agents program (DAA) also resulted in an effective way to collect field data and feedback from users, which allowed us to better understand the several factors that limit the Dash adoption in Venezuela.
The Problem:
While Dash is already known as an effective method of payment by many Venezuelans, the truth is that it has not been able to reach its maximum spread.

The Root:
  • General lack of knowledge about Dash and the solutions it brings to the common Venezuelan and businesses.
  • New users can't find the liquidity or good exchange rates that motivates them to exchange Dash and Bolivares, the official national currency and the most commonly used for transactions. Moreover, users are not aware of the different methods to exchange and use their Dash.
Here is where we step in:
  • Expanding the Active Agents network: more people reached, more Dash promotion, supplying a solution.
  • How to facilitate access? We'll provide an effective and friendly mechanism to exchange Dash and Bolivares with personal assistance.
Dash Active Agents / Plus:
  • The Active Agents (DAAs) are certified and committed Dash users, informed and motivated, that will host educative and engaging talks and events about Dash.
  • The DAAs will serve as a bond between businesses and customers, encouraging the use of Dash as a standard method of payment, while also promoting the main methods to access and exchange it.
  • These talks will be carried in the most important commercial areas of Caracas, relying on early-adopting merchants that have adopted Dash as their main method of payment.
  • The DAAs will also prepare new users to use and acquire Dash from the different exchange mechanisms available in Venezuela.
Dash Active Agents Over The Counter Desk (DAA OTC Desk):

  • This new service will allow Dash users to easily exchange between Dash and Bolivares.
  • We will rely on additional existing trading platforms for Dash and Bolivares in order to address OTC requests, stimulating the market and increasing the Dash/VES trade volume in every way possible.
Our policy: Simplicity, Versatility, Transparency.
How will it work?
  • The DAA OTC desk service will be available through the Dash-ON website and a Whatsapp Business number. Also, DAAs will offer personal assistance to our costumers.
  • Users will easily make their requests by providing basic information.
  • Our team will respond to each request and complete the transaction in a determined amount of time.
This sistem will only require a 3% rate, sufficient to make it self-sustainable in the long-term, and will provide:
  • The best rates in the Dash/Bolivares market.
  • Personal assistance and guide for anyone using our service
  • All the necessary financial and operational structure to conduct the exchange without inconvenience.

From the Previous stage: We analyzed the answers given by the people who attended the talks during the first stage of the DAA
  • 1500 people surveyed
  • Type of survey: Questionnaire
  • Location: Venezuela
*These results have been deemed as "credible" by the Dash Watch Team in their Jan-Aug reports on our proposal.

From the businesses perspective: We conducted a survey in the Chacao district and analyzed the perception of 100+ merchants about using Dash as a payment method, no matter if they accept it or not.

  • 38.5% of the sample accepts Dash in their business
  • 60% do not know any way to exchange Dash for other currencies.
  • 100% of them believe that if there exists a way to enchange easily between Dash and Bolivares, the transactions in the crypto would increase.
  • 80% of them pointed out that hardly ever receive payments in Dash.
  • 80% would be interested in exchange Dash and Bolivares.

Return on Investment:
  • Development and validation of an exchange mechanism designed for Dash users in Venezuela.
  • 50+ highly trained and committed Active Agents.
  • A refined promotion strategy that will allow us to reach new users and bussiness sectors across Venezuela.
  • 1500+ new Dash users, now fully able to use Dash as payment method.
  • Generating up to 25 daily transactions.
  • An augmented user database with useful information about Dash adoption trends in Venezuela.

Please feel to participate on the Discussion section and we will gladly answer any comment you may have.

You can find below the proposed budget for this concept.


  • budget (1).pdf
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Okay, it's definitely good to be self-sustainable but is it really necessary to charge 3% if the person is exchanging a lot of Bolivares? I mean, would it make sense to say, "anything over XXX Bolivares is free"? This way you make a profit while also encouraging people to buy more dash.
Hi @GrandMasterDash ! Thanks so much for your comment, it is a great question.

To provide some context, which you will see in detail in our proposal, we aim to target small transaction markets. For these, it is very important to have a fixed rate, as they provide a more effective method to adjust to our expected transaction volume. On the other hand, a fraction from such a rate will be destinated to the Active Agent that facilitated the customer's transaction.

Nevertheless, your recommendation is valuable and can be adapted, such as decreasing that 3% for exchanging over some amount of large amount of Bolívares.

Hope this answers your question. Any further feedback is more than welcome.