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[Pre-Proposal] CryptoLand

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The biggest, most comprehensive and engaging crypto event in South-East Europe.


CryptoLand is crypto festival exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, crypto culture and the blockchain technology composed of talks & lectures, debates, workshops, art exhibitions and music parties. In the first year - CryptoLand 1.0 - the festival will target regional (Balkans) audience that will actively co-build it.

Since cryptocurrencies and blockchain are still a bit hard to understand on a large scale, an engaging event related to crypto culture, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in South-East Europe will help to disseminate knowledge, raise awareness and create new forms of cooperation.

Why are we doing it?

To expand and empower the crypto community in the region and to:
> Improve collaboration opportunities among regional crypto and blockchain community
> Demystify cryptos and blockchain to the wider (interested) public
> Share knowledge and experience among regional peers
> Inspire and generate positive crypto hype that spreads all over the region

And what's in it for Dash community?

Dash emerges as the crypto space leader in knowledge sharing and community building in the region. This is the largest (in)direct Dash promotion to date in the region.

1/ Cashless Dash experience - Dashsperiance

Every ticket sold for the festival will be a Dash wallet. We will use a special payment system for the festival cashless experience. All the payments will be done using Dash cryptocurrency.

Why is this important?

a. Cashless festival experience

The festival will be a demonstration of cashless experience, demonstrating the flawless character and easiness of crypto economy.
b. New Dash currency users

Every festival participant becomes a new Dash user, making Dash community bigger and stronger.

2/ Branded festival - Powered by Dash

The festival will be strongly branded and Dash brand will spread all over the whole region raising Dash awareness. Dash will be mentioned directly at every promotional event and the festival space will be smartly branded.

Crypto and blockchain community in the Balkans

Crypto and blockchain communities and solutions in the Balkan region are on the rise, especially in the last year. Here are few examples:

> Notable blockchain events in the region, like Blokemon Conf (Serbia), European Blockchain Summit (Slovenia), BlockKonf (Croatia)

> Non-formal online communities in the region, like Cryptocurrency & blockchain Croatia (Croatia), Blockchain Slovenia (Slovenia), BlockSplit (Croatia)

> Number of new organizations working in the field (Dash Serbia, Blockchain Association in Serbia, Blockchain Alliance in Slovenia, Ubik in Croatia)

> Slovenia is trying to establish itself as a global leader and hub

> Big ICOs: GameCredits (50 million) & Origin Trail (22 million)

However, the regional community isn’t connected and we cannot really talk about a regional ecosystem; there still hasn’t been any big regional event related to these topics and many of the crypto and blockchain issues were not tackled at all in any significant way. On the other side, the crypto hype in the region is significant and many people outside the existing community want to join in. Those people don’t have the opportunity meet and learn since there is no wider community to get into.

Project information

We want to bring the most important and interesting crypto and blockchain leaders and practitioners from the region under the same festival roof in a relaxed, funky and unique festival experience. We believe that a festival is a perfect format for the crypto and blockchain community from the region because it happens in a relaxed but dynamic atmosphere, where festival participants can connect more directly and personally, learn more and get truly inspired.

Unlike other crypto and blockchain related events organized so far in the region, the program of the festival is co-built and the previously non-covered topics are put in focus, establishing prerequisites for the further development of the regional community.

Who is the audience?

We are expecting approximately 5000 visitors over the three days festival period from all the countries of the region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Montenegro).

These groups are festival participants: blockchain & crypto investors, crypto & blockchain entrepreneurs and innovators, media representatives, government officials, blockchain developers, artists, musicians, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and the general public.


The festival will take place in the industrial zone by the river in Belgrade city centre. The zone is partially infrastructurally equipped; 20% of it is a grassy area by the river, 40% is the pure concrete environment and 40% of it is a covered hangar. Exceptional natural and concrete environment will be turned into an exciting crypto playground.


Festival zone​


Empty Hangar


This is how Crypto Theater would look like; On pic: Cinemacity 2016, Novi Sad (our team has participated in the organization of the event)


Hangar space turned into a party - how we see night program of the festival
*Instead of Marlboro there will be a Dash branding​

How it would look like - what we want to achieve?

Devet Festival
Exit Festival
Our team has participated in the organization of the Devet and Exit festival; We want CryptoLand to have a similar feel

Devet + Exit + Dash = CryptoLand

Activities: How do we do it?

1. Preparation phase / May & first half of June 2018

1.1 Website creation

Festival website is created. The website will allow visitors to suggest and vote on festival content. From the very start, the festival is co-created.

2.2 Program co-creation

The regional community actively co-builds the program- it suggests and votes on the guests, topics, workshops, debates all the way to the art and parties using the web platform.

2.3 Program development

The selected speakers and guests are booked and invited.

2.4 Creative and marketing

Marketing strategy is prepared and all the promotional videos and materials are created.

2. Campaign and promotion / July and August 2018

The Festival is being promoted online and offline. Press conferences are organized followed with the online campaign, and interviews organized with the regional media.

3. Festival / August 31st - September 3rd

Festival is being organized.

4. The ‘After Festival Activities’

The promotion of the festival results and effects is done - Filmed talks are being shared online, blogs are written and newly formed social media groups are fostered.

Content: festival program / draft

Festival covers many different aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, ranging from nature of cryptocurrencies, the mining and the “smart contracts” to innovative blockchain government solutions and blockchain programming.

The program is crowdsourced - the regional community actively co-builds festival program by proposing topics and speakers.

Here are the content building blocks:

1/ Lectures


> What are cryptocurrencies and how they operate?
> ICOs
> Smart contracts
> History of cryptography and crypto culture
> How to become a leading crypto country? / Government representative from Slovenia
> National crypto strategies / Government representative from Malta

2/ How2s

> Crypto investing
> How to mine?
> How to become a blockchain developer? Personal stories

3/ Debates

> 1st day: Bubble or not? How far would cryptos go?
> 2nd day: Regulate or not? How?

4/ Workshops

> Crypto Privacy - hardware wallets, transactions and encrypted communication
> Building DAO’s - decentralised autonomous organisations, how they work, how to build one
> Blockchain business - deep dive into blockchain business models

5/ Live coding - sessions with live coding on stage

6/ Cryptoart zone (musicians, artists) who will receive cryptos for their contribution.

7/ Parties (1st, 2nd day of event parties in the evening, on the 3rd day it is an ‘all day party’)

8/ Crypto Theater - 1st-day screening- ‘Banking On Bitcoin’; 2nd day screening - The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’. (If Dash documentary is released by then, we will play it instead of movies about Bitcoin)

Media partners

Festival is being organized with the active support of regional IT media. Here are some of the regional media that will be contacted and partnered:

Startit.rs (Serbia)
Netokracija.com (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia)
CroBitcoin.com (Croatia)
Telegram.hr (Croatia)
150sec.com (CEE)
novaenergija.net (Serbia)

*International media will be also invited.


Nebojsa Jovic (LinkedIn) - specialized in event management, community building and organization, working closely with different entities on improving their events and operational structures. Currently working as Country Manager at Dash Digital Cash, working on business development and establishment of this cryptocurrency in Serbia and the Balkans region, Chapter Director at Startup Grind.

Nemanja Stanojevic

Nemanja has 20 years of experience in managing and organizing numerous events. While leading the marketing of the biggest (EXIT) music festival in the region for a decade to becoming the Sales Manager and the Director of Sales, Exit festival received important awards including “Best major music festival” by European Festival Awards in 2017. In 2003. He founded Urban Bug and currently is part of Dev9t festival in a role of Program Manager and Sales Manager. He was also the organizer of various highly sought-after concerts: Parov Stelar, Gipsy Kings, Gregorian, Cigarettes after Sex, Beth Harth, etc..

Filip Milenkovic

Filip (Linkedin) is a managing director at Techfugees in Serbia, a non-profit social enterprise co-ordinating the international tech community's response to the needs of refugees fleeing war, famine and persecution, established by Mike Butcher, Editor at Large of TechCrunch. He is also the co-founder and Account Director at Focal Point, a digital agency made of designers, engineers and digital specialists, working with entities like Beum and UNICEF. He contributes to Netokracija, leading online media covering startups and technology in Southeast Europe and is a consultant at Open Data Working Group in Serbia.

Luka Sucic

Luka (Linkedin) is a managing director of HUB385 an innovative coworking space, an incubator of new ideas and overall a startup breeding ground in Croatia. Luka has been working in and with startups for the past decade as a founder, program manager for a major European accelerator and investor. He is still actively involved in several successful startups in various roles. He has been an avid observer of blockchain phenomena since 2012 and is helping many blockchain startups and projects around CEE.

The Budget:

Renting the venue, security of the venue and infrastructure:

Venue rent: 14.11 Dash
Security personnel and technical security: 19.7 Dash
Infrastructure: 12.59 Dash
Total: 46.4 Dash

Set design, decoration and branding:

Chairs, tables and sofas - 7.9 Dash
Canvas - 0.4 Dash
Branding - 3.3 Dash
Total: 11.6 Dash

Sound and lighting:

Stage, sound and lighting - 23.7 Dash
Video equipment - 6 Dash
Total: 29.7 Dash

Production and supply:

Supply - 5.3 Dash
Operational costs - 4.7 Dash
Total: 10 Dash

Photo and video:

Photographer x2 - 0.9 Dash
Filming and video montage - 8.5 Dash
Total: 9.4 Dash


Food - 2.2 Dash
Drinks - 2.8 Dash
Total: 5 Dash


Speakers x7 - 11.2 Dash
Art installations - 1.1 Dash
DJ x2 - 1.4 Dash
VJ - 0.7 Dash
Total: 14.4 Dash


Hosts - 2.5 Dash
Waiters and Barmen - 20.7 Dash
Event Managers x3 - 10 Dash
Personnel Manager - 1.7 Dash
Production Manager - 1.7 Dash
Location Manager x3 - 2.5 Dash
Community Managers x2 - 6.6 Dash
Total: 45.7 Dash

Digital Team:

Website team: 6.6 dash
Design team: 3.3 Dash
Total: 9.9 Dash

Reimbursement: 5 Dash

Total: 182 Dash + 5 Dash reimbursement
1 dash = 300eur at the time of posting pre-proposal.

Thank you for the time reading this pre-proposal.

Looking forward to your feedback!
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Have you already asked DAO for funding in the past proposals?
Will this be covered by the escrow?
So the tickets can be acquired exclusively by Dash?
Is this one time payment proposal?
Have you already asked DAO for funding in the past proposals?
Will this be covered by the escrow?
So the tickets can be acquired exclusively by Dash?
Is this one time payment proposal?

Hi Splawik, yes I have submitted 3 proposals so far. 2 proposals were for event promotion and introduction with Dash which were accomplished successfully.
The 3rd one is Challengly, a Dash game challenge platform with escrow agreement signed with Dash Core which is still active and under development.

We were thinking about reaching out to escrow this time, but due to the circumstances we will need the requested amount allocated for our 3-month activity in advance, for booking venue, speaker' tickets, branding, website development, building infrastructure for the venue, booking DJ's, VJ's and also the operations, sound and video booking, which all require payment in advance due to their tight schedule and also the nature of the event. We were thinking of splitting the proposal into two instalments, but that way we will have a split budget, while we need 70% of the budget during May and June, while marketing and promotion activities, filming, production, catering are scheduled for August are the other 30% of our budget.

We will provide options for ticket purchasing with Dash and FIAT, since again, our main goal is to provide our regional attendees' experience with purchasing the items, food and drinks with Dash and offer them priority for doing so. Buy purchasing ticket with FIAT, there will be Dash wallet which will people use to buy items and beverages with Dash at a reduced price. That way, we are open to people who are into cryptocurrencies and Dash in general and also, people who do not have any idea what cryptocurrency is, but they would like to learn and have some fun doing it.

Yes, as I mentioned above, we will need the majority of funds upfront in order to make reservations, preparations and invitations for our guest speakers, infrastructure, venue, etc.

I hope I answered your questions completely, let me know if you have additional questions regarding this pre-proposal.

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Since I was tight with the number of words I could put into this proposal, I would also like to invite everyone from Dash community to join us at the event and experience something new and different from which is offered. Also, if this pre-proposal makes it to the proposal phase and passes, I would like to invite people who could be potential speakers at our event who could cover above mentioned activities:

- Workshops
- Debates and;
- how2s

And not to forget that all individuals and media are invited to this event in order to cover this event, make friends, potential partners and also meet the local and regional community!
Sounds promissing.
Good luck then and keep my fingers crossed.
Hi all, anyone else wants to put their thought into this before submitting the official proposal?

I would like to know if the Dash community sees the value we want to bring with Cryptoland project.

Thanks in advance,
Thank you for your pre-proposal. While we haven't seen a huge return on investment from festivals in the past, they do seem to be great for facilitating the networking of various communities and offer a "living" model or microcosm of how Dash might work on a larger scale--and the bump in daily transactions is always welcome too. So primarily, the benefit to Dash here would be as a sponsor and exclusive crytpocurrency for tickets and on-site purchases, then? What sort of point of sale system(s) or wallet(s) will you be using to facilitate Dash transactions? How would you measure a successful outcome for this project (i.e. what are you trying to achieve aside from spreading information and networking)?
Hi Arthyron, thank you for your observation and questions.

I agree with you on lacking the ROI from festivals, but I think the ROI we should consider is not financial but growth in terms of user base, and educating people about Dash in general. Since I've been organizing events and educating people about Dash and crypto in general, I realized there is no instant ROI regarding growth of user base, rather it is built over time, meaning even after events people are not jumping instantly into crypto, but they take some time to do their own research and consider if they should start investing, trading or mining. So my thoughts on the ROI of events, in general, may not have the bigger ROI vs online advertising in terms of total/potential reach per $ invested, but it has a bigger impact long term over some period of time since this way (through events and festivals) we have a different approach to new users - H2H (human to human) where people have more confidence and can have direct feedback from other people regarding crypto thus giving us less than online but more frequent and more engaged users overall.

I personally organized a Dash event two days ago with Rotary Club, KPMG and UN Global Compact and the outcome was fantastic. The event was opened by the Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Jan Lundin. Politicians and leaders from companies and institutes like the American Embassy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, Societe Generale Bank, UNICEF, PwC, Center for Investment and Finance, WWF, Diplo Foundation, Startit (also Google accelerator) etc. attended the event. The outcome was two potential partnerships and ECD adding more crypto to their ATMs, people from above-mentioned companies and organizations approached me to ask me more about Dash and its usability on daily basis, which I was aiming for. We will be inviting some of these people to CryptoLand as well, at least as a guest at our workshops. Also, I will write full review soon about it.

The benefit for Dash as the main is - buying tickets online with Dash would be also an opportunity for our attendees to try it in real time i.e we will have ATMs on the spot where people can exchange fiat for Dash and that way buy drinks, food or some items from our artists instantly and see why is the Dash called Digital Cash. I think that is the only way people from Balkan see what is Dash about.

As for payment systems for buying tickets on our website I am considering two options (we are still in debate):

1. Coss - Payment gateway
2. Dash Core wallet

We want to see if we can achieve registration and payment with Dash Core wallet, and if it is not possible we will be moving to Coss, or any other payment gateway which suits us the most.

As for on-site purchases, we will be using mobile wallets, since we still do not have our own PoS developed. In short, people will be buying and receiving Dash with their own wallets. i.e. Attendee approaches an artist to buy a sculpture or painting and artist will have his/her own wallet for that (we will have no control over it since it is their work), as for buying food and drinks from us, our barmen will have a mobile phone given by us for accepting Dash from customers.

I see the successful outcome of this event when we have people gathered from Balkans to learn about Dash and crypto in general, exchange their experience and knowledge with each other and also it would be a tremendous success if we manage to diversify the event in terms not to have one cryptocurrency on this event, but all sort of them. I am of course careful not to invite two companies who would have conflict of interest, but rather i.e 1 covering payments, 1 covering supply protocol, etc. so our attendees can learn that Blockchain is not Bitcoin, Blockchain is not just an ICO, but the technology which can be used to solve majority of problems we have today and that each and every single one of them have different use cases.
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Music festivals have close to zero roi for dash.
We funded one last month only because Fernando endorsed it.

I think you will find it hard to get this through.
Music festivals have close to zero roi for dash.
We funded one last month only because Fernando endorsed it.

I think you will find it hard to get this through.

Hi Argon, thank you for your reply.

This event is 30% music festival. Since it's a 3-day event, the other 70% are 2 days workshops, live coding, panel discussions, talks, etc. Agenda wise, mentioned activities would be during the day i.e. from 12pm - 8pm, and then we will have an afterparty, and then on the third day, we will have a day dedicated to the music. That said, we called it CryptoLand festival, not because it is music oriented but rather the mix of a classical conference we see every day and the party after that where people can chill and mingle with others with beer, and also we know this way, our event will have special kick and vibe, so we know it will not be boring.

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this event.