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Pre Proposal BackPage 2 Dash implementation


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*Update* out of time for funding

Best Of Luck To Dash

(Someone who takes risks for a more secure future.)
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I am very sympathetic to the plight of Sex Workers of all kinds even though I don't make use of any of those services myself. Fosta-Sesta already has a body count in the double-digits, sadly, due to politicians being easily misled that consensual Sex Work is somehow the same thing as Human Trafficking and moralists of varying flavors. The trouble, though, is even though Tor is relatively easy to use, it would require a fair amount of education to ensure that users of your site both had access to it and knew how to use it in a way that preserved their anonymity, so I hope you'll include some resources to help users acquaint themselves with this information.

On the other end of things, I'm not sure how the greater Dash community will feel about being openly associated with illegal activities (well, at least in the US, Sex Work has varying legal status in different places). Dash certainly has a lot of utility and features that could greatly benefit this sector of the market, but the push has generally been away from Dash's origins as a privacy-centric technology, even though we do still possess those capabilities. Many cryptocurrencies with privacy-related features are being blacklisted by regulators and exchanges. So the subject matter and particular kind of use case is on the edge of the scope of where we've been moving as an organization. I would personally be in favor of anything that protects vulnerable segments of the population, especially given that you're not asking for *that* much for what would be a valuable integration if your site takes off as the successor to the original.

Could you elaborate on your budget and how you arrived at that figure and what made you want to approach Dash for further funding?
Thanks for your response. Yes, I'm aware of the mobile apps, what I mean is simply a lot of people who might be inclined to use the Deep Web might not due to stigma or unfamiliarity with how simple it is, so if you wanted more former Backpage users to migrate to your service, there will have to be a concerted effort to help them make the transition, as many people are intimidated by unconventional technologies.

Yes, Dash will certainly be a much easier transition for people previously experienced with Bitcoin than many others, that's a good point.

What is your plan for becoming self-sufficient? Is it based primarily on premium features?

The thing here is that Dash is not just a cryptocurrency, it's also a larger organization with many moving parts, some of which are formal, public-facing organizations. We have the cryptocurrency, the Dash Core Group that develops the cryptocurrency and associated technologies and platforms, and then the Decentralized Autonomous Organization comprised of the Masternode Owners like myself that operate the second tier nodes that facilitate the instant and private payments and also vote on which proposals are funded and collectively own the Dash Core Group company and its products. The DAO is a trust, an entity with legal standing, and DCG is a Delaware corporation, so legal implications have to be considered. Like I said, I'm in favor of your project, but I wanted to make you aware that not everyone in the DAO may be of like mind, and all treasury funding comes down to votes.

If you intend on submitting a proposal for funding--and I'm willing to support and advocate for your project if you do, provided we thoroughly vet the project, its budget, etc--be advised that this month's budget is basically already full, so you'll want to wait for subsequent ones. You're not asking for much as integrations go, so you've got that going for you, but the other MNOs will likely want to see something a bit more formal and organized. I get that you're intending to remain anonymous and not compromise opsec, but Dash doesn't fund anything without a formal vote through our governance system. So you'll want to familiarize yourself with that and decide if there's a way you can participate in it without outing yourself: https://docs.dash.org/en/latest/governance/index.html
Hmm, classes? Isn't it difficult--not to mention risky--to stream over Tor? Or since that's not necessarily "illegal," could it be handled on a clearweb site?

I get ya, sometimes time is of the essence. If you want to discuss a Dash integration in the future, though, happy to give you feedback then. Best of luck, you're doing important work!
Hmm, classes? Isn't it difficult--not to mention risky--to stream over Tor? Or since that's not necessarily "illegal," could it be handled on a clearweb site?

I get ya, sometimes time is of the essence. If you want to discuss a Dash integration in the future, though, happy to give you feedback then. Best of luck, you're doing important work!
The classes are just a chat room to gather via groups wickr me or telegram.
The escrows meant to protect the user.
With current laws it can turn illegal any hour.
Controversy sells.

Site use's the cryptocurrency Dash for paid feature ads but it free for anyone to post....
Ok I was gonna type a whole story but dont have time.

This community has been alot nicer than other alt coins hopefully this works out with the $2500 we need by June 14th.

We try as much as possible to retain a welcoming, professional atmosphere across all our platforms, especially now that we're standardizing the Rules/ToS across most of them. Perhaps if any interested and able donors are watching, you could elaborate on the return on investment for such a donation? Assuming the project really takes off, the value is quite clear to me, but others may have difficulty understanding without elucidation. Maybe they don't understand what the original BackPage was or how it worked or any of that, for example.
[URL='https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjW-cXgrNLbAhVtpVkKHXGKD3sQFgguMAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.bitcoin.com%2Fbackpage-effect-sex-industry-thrives-bitcoin%2F&usg=AOvVaw3ezBt4lxjj8OL1G4tsZ_UP']The Backpage Effect: Why the Sex Industry Thrives on Bitcoin

In 2015, payment processors Visa, American Express, and Mastercard stopped processing transactions on the site, citing “moral, social, and legal reasons.”

That’s when bitcoin use became popular on the site. In fact, the use of bitcoin surged so much that it fueled a movement among sex workers called “The Backpage Effect.”

It could easily "take off" the problem with websites that run over TOR is they are more prawn to DDOS Attacks.. Not to mention this is could potentially be the largest site on the TOR Network. Fast Secure Servers from day 1 is the only chance of people adopting the extra step of running a tor browser on there phone.
Since the success of my service is in the paid features I need something easy for anyone via mobile.
For that Monero and Zec is out. I think it's gonna be down to go old BTC or Dash. I don't have much incentive to use Dash at the moment by the time i get a proposal in I hopefully wouldn't need one.
We ran out of time thanks everyone for considering perhaps even though we will be using Bitcoin the Dash network will prosper as well..
May I ask what the current URL of backpage is? Because I clearly did not found the right one, when I was searching for it. Ever since they have shut down, I am using alternatives, which I found here and to be quite frank with you, all of them are quite bad in comparison to the original backpage.So if anyone here can pm me the real address, It would be great.
PS: Do I have to go there with tor browser or can I visit that site in my google chrome? Or that is not safe?