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Please help: Electrum Multisig lost one wallet


New member
Hi Guys,

Really appreciate your help please in order to recover my hard earned coins!

I have created electrum wallets (multisig) and somehow, I lost the first one of them (or I just created one of the 2 only I am not sure).

At the moment, I have my coins on a wallet (called "wallet_try1 [2of2]") and I can see my coins there, I have the password to the wallet, can get its private keys, but every time I try to send them to another address, the transaction is partially signed but I cannot broadcast it and I have no idea what to do now?

I googled and spent many many hours trying to figure it out on my own and I was not successful, so I decided to reach our to you for help please!

I know I should have researched better before creating a wallet, but I am worried that I may lost my hard earned money now forever!

Appreciate your help please

If you've created 2of2 multisig wallet and have lost one of the keys, then you're out of luck. Sorry.
I can see a wallet in the wallet's folder called "wallet_default [2fa]", however, when I open it, I do not find any coins there! do you think this might be the 1st wallet?