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Password problems ? - Recovery Service Recommendation


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Hey guys
i recently helped a community member with Dash Wallet Password problem.
he 'kind' of lost his password - it did not work anymore - he remembered parts of it (and had multiple ideas what it "could" be)
problem was eventually sorted by a service i myself used before
(my problem back then was a misspelling of password/encryption)

Service Recommendation:
BTC Dave
[email protected]

Dave is 100% trusted by me , i recommended and used him multi times ! (solid guy)
20% Fee
Password Recovery:
remember he can NOT crack or break your password /encyption , he can only try different options (uses Scripts i guess) to try any possible option available (the more info about the password you give him the better he can do his work)

I hope nobody will ever need help here - but as the last 3 years have shown me - a lot of people eventually do
and then
do NOT trust random people offering help - go to Dave the Pro - he is trusted and has a very good track record
(i am in no way endorsed here and am just putting this up for public knowledge)