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Paper Wallets

Will have a look at this today :)

A few days ago I thought I could help out so I had a go at forking the repo and did my best to do the rebranding from Darkcoin to Dash. I made a pull request. This morning I updated the background to something more similar to the latest Darkcoin paper wallet and in the process made a few more commits than I really need to, because I'm a GitHub novice - it looks like I've been very busy!

I've replaced "Darkcoin" with "DASH" though, rather than "Dash", so that might need to be changed. My fork is here https://github.com/patrolman/paperwallet. I referenced https://github.com/darkcoin/paperwallet rather than https://github.com/dashpay/paperwallet and that has since changed. I wasn't sure about licensing either, so I didn't change that.