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P2Pool Setup help

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HI Guys,

I am having a problem with the /p2pool-dash/data/dash/addr file. It was created when I set up my Pool, my pool is working and mining fine, it just doesn't come up on the list. Can someone help me with the file, I am not sure of the layout of the file.


I think the file `addr` contains ips of peer p2pools.

@Gui Which list do you refer ?

like http://www.p2poolmining.us/p2poolnodes/ ?
Do not edit the `addr` file.


Pool Node Listing
A group of frequently asked question about the P2Pool Node Listing showing DASH nodes around the world.
How do I get my P2Pool Node added to your P2Pool Node Listing?
There is nothing, that you as a P2Pool Node operator must do, to get your node added to our node listing.
Getting your P2Pool Node listed happens automatically, provided that your node meets the following criteria;
Your Node must be up and running for at least 24 hours
Your node must be available to the public via a public IPv4 address
Your node must respond to a standard URL request (http://YourIPAddress:7903/fee)
Your nodes latency from Chicago, USA must be below ~5 Second response time
Our script reads your DASH address from the DASHD daemon address file.
Each day at 8:00 AM GMT-0500, our script executes, utilizing the list of known DASH addresses, processing a /fee request for nodes in the address file. If we get a response from your node, the node is GEO-coded and added to our listing. As long as your node is running and both In/Out node peers are able to connect to your node, then your nodes IP Address will appear in the DASHD address file.
If after 48 hours, your P2Pool node has still not appeared in our listing. Double check the requirements from the list above and ensure your node is configured appropriately.
Hi, I have checked all the above,, been up 10 days now. I created the relevant directories as they were not present.

I have some of my machines mining on it and am earning, I would however like to get a few more people in South Africa up and running. I am reasonably new to Linux so any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Gui , please make sure you has "--external-ip=" as part of the command when running p2pool. This ip will be send out to other p2pool node and advertised as public p2pool node for others to use, then p2poolnodes will list your ip on the page automatically.
Hello, I've recently set up a P2Pool node. I'm running a few DM22G's, and my VM is starting to reach it's limits as far as CPU power can handle. Initially, we set up with wallet_address/0+1, but this cranked the VM to 100%+ usage all the time, so we changed all of them to /0+20. We've tried to split the difference and have come back to /0+10 difficulty, but now we're stressing the VM CPU again, and I'm afraid we'll end up with more dead shares than I'd like (I'd like 0 :)).

I've set up a single unit to not specify difficulty (which, I imagine, is requesting dynamic diff) but it's a small part of our output that won't likely get me enough data to answer my questions.

My questions are:

How does P2Pool dynamic difficulty work?
Does not specifying a difficulty request the full share difficulty from the pool (as opposed to the psuedo-difficulty that I get when I specify)?
What can I do to mitigate VM CPU loading?