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Onyx Release & Mining Pools

It's a discussion. I am interested in the idea, as are tons of other people. I mostly stay out of it. But you freaking out at crouton for proposing interesting ideas is just ridiculous, and you need to know that. It's just ideas, you don't need to be afraid.

It stops being a discussion when you both start insulting each other.
I've been saying CONSTANTLY we need enforcement. It is due to come soon, but the 3 weeks period was too long. I would say 3-4 days is more then enough.

The enforcement is also not so difficult since its already there and scheduled to begin soon. Just enforcing faster and being more strict with the updates would be very reasonnable, unlike your intents that are far more radical.

I agree with this 100%. Enforcement needs to happen sooner. Maximum one week time frame.
I also believe that MN's should only be MN's and not have anything at all to do with mining.
Ugh that discussion starting to go in a dead end.
Evan decided that 40/60 he does not exclude pools and wants more MNs.
Having both will bring healthy decentralisation in spite of having 100& pools or MNs.

The enforcement HAS to be quick like I said 3 day but a one week is ok too.

Tough rules but only in this way we can have stable network.
Yes that is exactly my point. Let's stick to making our way gradually to 40/60 as it is while having both entities coexisting.
Hi, guys. Can someone tell me why we change the following code in main.cpp?

if (sigTime <= GetAdjustedTime() - 60 * 60) {
LogPrintf("dseep: Signature rejected, too far into the past %s\n", vin.ToString().c_str());
return false;


std::string errorMessage = "";
if(!darkSendSigner.VerifyMessage(mn.pubkey2, vchSig, strMessage, errorMessage)){
LogPrintf("dseep: Got bad masternode address signature %s \n", vin.ToString().c_str());
return false;

The if-test used to be GetAdjustedTime() - 15*60. The Mishbehaving statements were not commented out. I am trying to understand what the code does as a newbie. My questions are:

(a) Why pick 60*60 instead of longer time? If my interpretation is correct, vin is the signature here. If this is the signature, why are we returning false for signature that is too old? I don't think the signature should change if you don't move your 1000 DRK to somewhere else.

(b) Why do we comment out the second Misbehaving statement? If we get a bad MN address signature, shouldn't we ban it instead of just returning a false? From what I know, these resolve the disconnect problem to a certain degree. But, it seems to me that other clients using the older version are kicking other masternodes offline. So, my other question is why we are getting so many bad masternode address signatures. This is the dseep command. So, if the ping fails, shouldn't the MN's being ping'ed be de-listed?
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