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OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

Mining pools/farms. So each mining pool/farm funds itself to a % of the profits in the exchange rate at the ATM machine. The owner that buys the ATM machine also sets a percentage. The ATM machine is connected via the internet to the mining pool/farm and the dash is instantx sent to the ATM once someone wants Dash. In fact, we don't even need the ATM, all we need is a customer to go into a store and ask to buy Dash. The store clerk does the transaction, and the customer hands over the cash. This would work with or without a machine. All we need is a map of all the store locations where you can BUY/SELL DASH, the store owner get's a percentage. This can be done with a mobile app, I think.

The best app would be one were you can see a map. On that map lists all the "stores" and "people" around you selling Dash. You can send them a chat and initiate a trade via the app and in person. After the trade you rate them.
Is this what you're planning to do?
Indeed. I am so sorry that we have lost Bitfinex. It's a great exchange.

Our community should try not to become too arrogant, either towards the "outside world", but as well as amongst ourselves. If we end up isolated, due to our tactlessness, I believe we will lose much more than we would eventually benefit.

Honestly I don't think it is about the "harassed" in the twitter. It is about money ( trade volume) . Keeping a coin in the exchange need time and cost to maintain. If they think it is not cost effective they are going to drop it.
email reply from Bitfinex:

DASH was adopted by Bitfinex several months ago, but it never reached 1% of our total USD monthly volume.
I'm sorry but for us the burden of keeping it as a trading pair is really not justified by its volume.

so be it !
please do NOT hustle them by email or Twitter !
I think there is something weird with this bitfinex thing...
On the 06/08/15 they announce Dash is out. Next day they announce that due to bitlicense requirements NY based clients are out as well.
Just wondering if bitfinex was under pressure to make that decision on Dash because as we know it has its "dark side" implemented in the wallet so that users do not need to use external mixers. I know it is a long shot but given quite positive bitfinex announcement from June 2014 introducing Dash on the exchange their decision just lacks any logic. At least to me. The project is very promising and developing very well comparing with other coins (hail to Evan and the Team), I do not think that there are any maintenance costs of supporting Dash on the exchange (perhaps I am wrong) and at the end of the day the question is why? Why disappoint the community in such a manner just pulling the plug? I think it would be interesting to hear more on this from bitfinex, at least I hope that they still "always welcome your feedback" as they say.
Thanks tungfa - and instead of assuming some kind of conspiracy (BitLicence) behind that and/or hustling them: Start trading their DASH/USD pair!

We have three more weeks before getting delisted, enough time to prove that we can reach at least 1% of their USD volume.

As per today they have a USD volume of $ 3,284,841 - DASH/USD is accounting for $ 7,033, which is 0.2%


So let's start a campaign to tenfold this to 2% in the next three weeks :wink:
tx flare for the initiative
but i honestly think this is unfortunately done already
Don't get me wrong, i don't think that they'll revert it - but at least we can leave the building upright :smile:

upright and proud ?! definitely and always !

i think we should build up another exchange as #2
maybe that new UK one (https://www.livecoin.net) to make sure
all volume does not end up on cryptsy ?!
Basically I think people are rather buying Dash for BTC. Why bother with low fiat volume?
Basically I think people are rather buying Dash for BTC. Why bother with low fiat volume?
In order for merchants adoption. We need a higher trade volume towards fiat. Cos most employees don't accept crypto-currency as a salary!
Ok flare I got your point. We need a good Dash/USD exchange indeed.
All good :smile:

Thing is that one and a half year ago it was one of our top priorities to get fiat exchanges to list us - now we can't turn around the delisting from Bitfinex as "Nah, fiat pairings don't matter, they were low volume anyway"