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Now that china is banning VPNs , what are their options


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China is cracking down on using VPNs to use sites like coinbase or localbitcoin.com , what are the option for chinese users anyway , any thoughts ???
old news
they are "cracking down " on VPN's since 6 month +
as usual the savvy chinese always have ways around it
the government attacks + local savvyness go side by side and there is always a way past (or u just shut down the internett all together)

all users i know have at least 4-5 VPNs available and change accordingly - or use other tools available
(pain obviously but still works)
Unpublished Tor Bridge.

For travelers, set up before you leave home.

Like an "entrance node" instead of an exit node.

Don't tell anybody.

If you live there, well, this isn't much help. I'm not telling you my bridge IP because you might be the guv.