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Noob questions about Dash, tor, and anonymity levels.


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Correct me if I'm wrong.

With Tor Browser + Dash-qt (using Socks5 @, Dash-qt becomes an anonymous P2P client that seamlessly connects to both Tor relays and standard relays without even noticing it (Darksend therefore becoming an impressive maze of "tor and tor-less" anonymity).

My dash client, even if I have 0 dash in my wallet, acts as a P2P relay for others (just for Darksend?).
Dash = Not anonymous, unless you're running Tor Browser / Socks5 @
Dash + Darksend = Anonymous (therefore Darksend + Tor Browser = Even more).

I'm also wondering about the usefulness of running Dash as a Tor hidden service, making it "darknet-only", versus simply using Darksend + Tor browser, which seems as much secure and above all you're helping Dash/Darksend because more relays for everyone (not only darknet) = security by numbers.