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Nexious - Premier Mining Pool


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Welcome to Nexious, your premier mining portal!

Nexious has recently just launched and aims to provide you with the best mining experience possible.
Nexious was created with the intent of helping decentralize the Bitcoin network, and expand to some promising alternative crypto currencies. Nexious comes with the following features;​

  • Real-Time Detailed Mining Dashboard
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Site-wide SSL and DDoS Protection
  • Anonymous Account Setting

  • Stratum Mining Protocol (Auto Geo-location)
  • VarDiff
  • PPLNS - 1% Pool Fee
  • Instant Payout (Once Balance is confirmed)
  • Malicious Attack Mitigation

Our stratum will recognize your location and connect you to the closest server we have to ensure the lowest latency possible (servers will continue to be added as we grow, and updates posted here.)


Mining Dashboard Preview

Support is available on IRC Chat on the side of the website (#Nexious @ freenode)​
Hi I registered to the site and have started mining.

Unfortunately the site hasn't sent me a confirmation email yet.

I have tried to emailing about this but I haven't got a reply yet. =(