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News+ Updates the project The Territory of DASH. Part 2. Representation in the CIS countries.

Presentation of DASH in the Belarusian media and in the CIS countries.

Representative of DASH in the CIS countries made an expert at MinskTV.
Talk show "Let's figure it out!" Talk about electronic money of the XXI century with the representative of the DASH cryptocurrency in the CIS Oleg Karimov. In the issue you will learn: What is a cryptocurrency? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? How it is possible to earn cryptocurrency?

Article about DASH on the portal kv.by - top-3 among IT news sites in Belarus
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Digital conference "IT-ottepel" in Nizhny Novgorod

English subtitles

The beginning of April for the team RuCrypto and "The Territory of DASH" was held under the sign of the largest in the region Digital conference "IT-ottepel" in Nizhny Novgorod.
On April 5 and 6, more than 30 speakers gathered in the technopark "Ankudinovka". The topics of their speeches were very diverse: cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, ICO, business processes, SEO, marketing, design, blogging,and promotion. Among the speakers,there were representatives of such large companies as VKontakte, Yandex, KICKICO, 1-C Bitrix and others.
The speecheswere held simultaneously in two halls of the technopark, so all the guests of the conference couldchoose a topic they liked.
The weather was sunnyand springtime, so the guests of the conference werein a very good mood. The speakers were having a lively conversation about all the coolest and newest "things" related to their work.The audience was interested in it, as well as asked a lot ofinteresting, and sometimes even very tricky questions.
The stands of the representatives of various companies, advertising,and marketing agencies wereon the first and second floors of "Ankudinovka". There was everything but the kitchen sink! Robots, kicker, stuffed lamas, green elephants, Marilyn Monroe and even transformer Bumblebee dropped by for a late bite!
The representatives of "The Territory of DASH" came to the event of this kind for the first time. And here is their stand!
The team came to the "IT-ottepel" as a whole: Oleg Karimov, Anton Kasperovich and Sergei Revenko. The DASH stand was very popular among the guests of the conference. Although not all the residents and guests of Nizhny Novgorod were familiar with the DASH cryptocurrency, the guys were trying to answer any emerging questions in detail, giving out branded products and communicating with the visitors.

Oleg Karimov became extremely popular: he was not only acting as a speaker during the section "Cryptocurrencies" but also was interviewingby the «Rossiya» TV channel and the «Silver rain» radio.
Initially, the topic of Oleg's speech was devoted to the peculiarities and advantages of the DASH cryptocurrency, however, getting acquainted with the audience, the speaker realized that people need more general information. During his speech, he was conducting a kind ofinteractive with the guests.
The speech consisted of two parts: the first part was the introduction to the topic of cryptocurrencies in general and DASH in particular, the second part was presented in the questionand answer format. The guests were asking Oleg questions they were interested in, and he, in turn, was giving them detailed and full answers. And even after the speech, the audience did not let him go. They were so curious about his speaking out thatcontinued to asking Oleg about DASH even after his presentation.
During the conference,the representatives of RuCryptowere also chattingtothe outstanding representatives of the marketing and advertisingspheres, real professionals of their business who gave a speechat the "IT-ottepel".
We requested their opinion of the current market and prospects for its development, talked about the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies,and ICO.
As far as the results of the conference are concerned, so we have not only got acquainted with new interesting people, learned modern trends in marketing and advertising, but also told the inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod about the DASH cryptocurrency.

Digital conference "IT-ottepel", thanks for the hospitality!
International Blockchain Conference in Moscow, April 17-18, 2018

On April 17-18, the congress and exhibition center "Sokolniki" in Moscow hosted an international blockchain conference with the main sponsorship of DASH.

This significant blockchain-event attracted large Russian and foreign experts in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
The main topics of the conference were: cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICO and many others. There were two conference rooms for the speakers: "Fintech and regulation" and "Development and marketing."
Crypto-enthusiasts, investors, businessmen, media, financiers, and lawyers were among the audience!
There were a large number of guests, speakers, exhibitors, pitch-zone– they all filled the spacious exhibition area, which was, by the way, quite huge: 3200 square meters!

The conference was hosted by a brilliant and well-famous reporterEvgenyRomanenko (iTuberinterviewer). Among the speakers were: Robert Wiecko (Dash Core), Dmitry Potapenko (Management Development Group), AlikArslanov and Artem Popov ($ 10 Buffett), Roman Kravchenko, Igor Porokh, Renee Bostik, Ivan Tikhonov and many others.
Robert Wiecko appeared with a fascinating report on Dash, a decentralized payment platform. During the speech, Robert spoke about the features of Dash cryptocurrency, Dash mobile wallet and so on. He even suggested installing a Dash wallet on the devices of the guests. One of the guests of the conference was able to do this almost immediately. As a result, the lucky man received "a reward" – some amount of DASH. Wasn’t it an amazing stimulus? Dear Robert, you are spoiling us! Though, seemedlike no one really minded.

The talk of the other speakers was also vivid and memorable. There were plenty of curious questions from the audience that the speakers readily responded to.
However, as the time, allocated for discussion after the speech, was quite limited, some speakers had to answer the rest of the questions from the audience at the exit of the conference room. They were awaited by a crowd of crypto or blockchain enthusiasts and other people who wanted to continue the conversation. People were gatheringin the hall to listen to some "additional statements" of the speakers they were interested in. Here comes to the mind the figure of Dmitry Potapenko, for instance.

"The Territory of DASH" team was also presentedat the conference with the exhibition DASH roll-up. Representatives of the team talked about DASH, its uniqueness, as well as advantages comparing to other cryptocurrencies. They also talked about listing DASH on crypto-exchanges, Dash Evolution and Dash Wallet, prospects of Dash and its integration into business.
In short, the conference was a success. The outstanding international blockchain eventprovided the attendees with a wonderful chance to exchange some experience, share knowledge, and meet some new interesting people.
International Blockchain Conference in Moscow, April 17-18, 2018

4 new exchanges announced listing at the conference!
Interview with representatives of stock exchanges:

Exchange Exenium.io

Listing DASH on the Bitexbook.com
Festival-competition "The Ladder of Success" in Minsk.
The festival-competition on economy and business "The Ladder of Success" was held among students on April 20-21 in Minsk. The main goal of this event was the development of small business among young people and the creation of conditions for active and effective participation of the youth in the social and economic life of our society. 20 teams from different parts of Belarus and even from Rivne (Ukraine) took part in the festival this year. The representatives of the high school of general educational establishments and the institutions providing vocational training and secondary specialized education were also among the participants of the festival. All the teams consisted of 5 participants and a teacher-leader. We would particularly like to commend the students representing the project based on the blockchain technology #TIMETOKEN, thanks to which it would be possible to get rid of all kinds of keys and pieces of paper and put all the information about yourself, for example, in your digital watch. And there’s more! The DASH cryptocurrency was one of the business partners of the festival "The Ladder of Success", and the representatives of "The Territory of DASH" were the jurors this year. They were judging the projects of young and promising students during the festival. To sum it up we’d like to note that young people of our country are great and very educated. They keep up to date, keep an eye on all modern trends. This is the youth who will be able to make things better!