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newbie stuck


New member
i have bought bitcoins, i have given the address indicated by the wallet in the receiving window, and electrum wallet keep synchronising without crediting the wallet for 2 hours now, is that normal ?
i have to say also that it did not want to connect, i had to clik on the red spot and uncheck ssl for it to connect, is that ok ?
tx for attention
This forum is about Dash cryptocurrency. If you are having trouble with Bitcoin, not Dash, you'd better check the respective forum.

On the other hand, if you're having issues with Dash Electrum, I'd appreciate some screenshots to get an idea what's happening.
As akhavr said, if it's the Bitcoin Electrum client you're having trouble with this is the wrong place to ask, this is a Dash forum (different cryptocurrency). If you're on Windows your firewall might be blocking it. Syncing shouldn't take long, I'm not sure how long for Bitcoin but no more than a few minutes, certainly not hours.