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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Saludos desde ciudad de Mexico soy ingeniero me llao Gerson Leal y estoy a la orden para empezar a trabajar en la red DASH

Am from Venezuela but i gonna live definitly here so all the people from mexico DF get in contact with me
I am the technical content writer I am passionate about writing technical issues which users mostly facing on computer software, hardware, printer, antivirus security and also writing on how to install, download, configure software, email on your computer PC.
I'm Michael, and I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2010 and Dash since it was named Darkcoin. I have this bad habit of spending all my money instead of HODLing.
Hello, my name is Ognjen Ikovic. I have been actively involved with Dash for the past year. I was technical manager and lead architect of Alt Thirty Six platform (funded through Dash proposal) in period of May 2017 to February 2018. I'm now lead architect and developer of ChainRider service providing set of APIs for Dash blockchain exploring and payment forwarding. I'm looking forward to contributing to Dash community by building services and applications which will promote Dash locally (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia) and worldwide and help it's wide adoption.
Hello guys
I am Jacob Hobart and I am Android Developer and I am here to help you for any kind of services which you want related to Instagram.
saludos, es un placer pertenecer a este foro, pero tengo problemas para registrame en paginas de dash... ya que la paginas no me cargan. si me pueden ayudar se los agradezco.
Hello everyone!

We are passionate about design and execution of projects that aim to promote successful and innovative business models. We seek to exceed the client's expectations and generate a greater impact on the beneficiaries.

Our team has proven experience in:
  • Formulation, management and evaluation of productive projects in all its phases.
  • Development of visual identity and marketing.
  • Development of cultural and educational events of various kinds.
  • Business management, supported by modern, reliable, effective and quality administrative systems.
We have integrated these disciplines with the use and benefit of cryptocurrencies as an available alternative to overcome the current difficulties of our country (Venezuela).

Thus, we present ourselves under the name of "Grupo Certus" and have in common the skills and the determined attitude to develop proposals that adapt to the dynamic environment in which we live today.


¡Hola a todos!

Nos apasiona el diseño y la ejecución de proyectos que apuntan a promover modelos comerciales exitosos e innovadores. Buscamos exceder las expectativas del cliente y generar un mayor impacto en los beneficiarios.

  • Nuestro equipo tiene experiencia comprobada en:
  • Formulación, gestión y evaluación de proyectos productivos en todas sus fases.
  • Desarrollo de identidad visual y marketing.
  • Desarrollo de eventos culturales y educativos de diversa índole.
  • Gestión empresarial, respaldada por sistemas administrativos modernos, confiables, efectivos y de calidad.

Hemos integrado estas disciplinas con el uso y beneficio de las criptomonedas como alternativa para superar las dificultades actuales de nuestro país (Venezuela).

Por lo tanto, nos presentamos bajo el nombre de "Grupo Certus" y tenemos en común las habilidades y la actitud decidida para desarrollar propuestas que se adapten al entorno dinámico en el que vivimos hoy.
Hi Dash community
My name is Abubakari Issah, known on discord as @Issahabu. I'm from Ghana and new in this community. I've had the privilege of participating in several Dash meet-ups and conferences. I'm hoping to organize my first meet-up soon and contribute the little I have to this great community. Thanks to everyone
Hello Everyone! My name is Wojtek; I am a founder of Mobilum - a multi-currency platform and wallet which allows any-2-any instant conversion with best execution rates and low costs. As we started to work on Dash integration, I decided to join your community to understand its social vitamin :)
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