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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello, I am Nathalie. Feel free to checkout my twitter naglaw. I am a blockchain lawyer working mainly with Hyperledger, Ethereum and ICOs. A few weeks ago, I spoke with someone about Dash at a conference (TokenFest in San Francisco). I was blown away by the level of engagement that Dash users display.
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to introduce myself to the dash community, I know many of you personally but have never been on this forum before until today so I wanted to say hi and let you know I'm here! I'm a noob so forgive me if I'm doing anything wrong, any tips or suggestions is greatly appreciated! I look forward to conversing with you

Dan Dicks
Hello People from Dash Nation.

My name is Carlos Spaggiari, I'm a Computer Engineer and I've been working full time with blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Stellar for the last 5 months. Now I'm doing my best to make Dash the best cryptocurrency.

I'm so excited to join the community. :D
My name is Javier Soto, I'm a computer science engineer. MBA. More than 10 years in the business analytics industry. Entrepreneur and managing innovation projects in digital marketing, cognitive computing, blockchain.

I run, swim a gym as my sports. Wine & coffee enthusiast
Howdy, this is the user account for the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, America's first crypto-only brick-and-mortar store. We're located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and there are about 2 dozen retail businesses around us that accept DASH for payment. It's awesome! Great to meet all of you. Of all the cryptocurrencies we accept at our store, DASH is the most popular (no surprise there, right?) and our mission is to get 100% of businesses in town accepting it! Annnnd...GO!
Hello everyone, I am the founder of DASH Trujillo, I am currently working on projects aimed at the adoption of DASH in the Trujillo state of Venezuela.
Hello Dash Nation!

My name is María Victoria and I'm a Computer Engineer. I'm a passionate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I think Dash is an excellent tool to boost technological solutions in different industries.
Hello everyone from DASH Venezuela!
We promote teamwork from Dash Caracas together with Dash communities and allies of proposals

Twitter | Instagram: @Dash_Venezuela
Web: DashVenezuela.org
Hi, my name is Ruben Guia. I'm from Venezuela a country with a great Dash community.
I'm a lawyer enthusiast in the study of cryptocurrencies, from a Constitutional Law approach, property right, and libertarian philosophy.
Also I'm running a think tank called "Centro de Cultura Digital" with a group of diverse professional areas, since Economy, Computer's science and an other lawyer. We are dedicated to investigate and educate people in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, because our country has the highest inflation in the world right now, those technologies became more than necessary.
I hope to learn in this forum about the system of a self government and the DAO's working, and if is possible contribute with the Dash community.
Thanks a lot !
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