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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hi everyone im doing research abput Data center colocation services provide organizations with conditioned space without requiring them to invest capital for new construction.
Hey there! my name is Jesús, I'm from Venezuela, I'm 22 years old, just about to get my lawyer degree. I'm really passionate about businesses and entrepreneurship, in fact when I was a child I used to start any kind of business to earn money by myself, from selling jelly and sweeties to playing the guitar in a rock band (not successful at all). I came here to start a project with some friends but also to learn as much as possible. Also, if there is some way in which I can be helpful to you, just let me know, I love to help people as well. See you around and success for everybody!
"A nation without borders, prejudice or disparity. A nation built on hope, optimism and progress. The Dash Nation."

Hello, to all new DASHers!

We're glad you joined Dash Nation!

Just the fact that you're here reading this represents the interest that is out there for a serious alternative to Bitcoin and other digital currencies. On behalf of all DASHers, I welcome you to the community, and look forward to your contributions to the development of this innovative coin.

Please take the time to browse around the forum, and use this thread to introduce yourself, and ask any questions you may have about DASH! If you have any special skills (particularly QT or C++), let us know! If you would like to tag a particular member for a response, you need to put an "@" in front of their name (Example : @tonythetiger) When you do this, you will see their name in blue when you post.

We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome any comments, concerns, and suggestions you may have. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked.....

Once again, welcome to Dash Nation!


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Hi Tao, i've been a holder of Dash for q. This logo mess has encouraged me to become active on the forums. How do I get my masternode badge? i can't seem to locate where I need to sign that message. Any help?

Hi Tao, i've been a holder of Dash for quite sometime. This logo mess has encouraged me to become active on the forums. How do I get my masternode badge? i can't seem to locate where I need to sign that message. Any help?
im learning about Dash... any knows if i can right in spanish or only english?
Hello sir. Given that this is an international forum, I'd suggest you only to write in English to be more inclusive and everybody can understand you. Also, where are you from? I'm from Venezuela
Hey everyone! Glad to be here and since I've only gotten into crypto at the start of 2018 (I know I'm extremely late to the party) I'm hoping to learn a lot. Not just about DASH ,but cryptocurrency, ICOs etc and to share whatever I learn for people like me!
Hi Dash Nation
I'm glad to be here. I'm called Sahabia from Ghana, Africa. I am 24 years old and a final year student of the University for development studies, Ghana.

I am a team member of Dash-Hub-Africa, an organization dedicated to making Africa the hub of dash cryptocurrency. We are a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Hello everyone, I am a Dash Dinosaur here to whip this community into shape and drive out the FUD, trolls, shills, etc.

Dash is the only project that is going to scale on-chain with a real-world backbone of incentivized hardware with the massive benefit of remaining secure, while all these second-layer and non-blockchain (DAG) solutions are unproven and prone to attack, whereas "traditional" blockchain security with PoW has a track record of being battle-hardened, tried and tested and it weathered the storm of 9 years of attacks.
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