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Hello This is maulik here, CEO at AppJetty

Hello Everyone

My Name is Brian,
I' am currently a SEO specialist
and i already tried different cryptocurrencies, thanks to the cryptowallet ira group

but this time i wanted to give a try on dash, thanks for having me here and glad to be part of the team :)
Kind time of the day dear Colleagues. Forgive me for writing here and do not judge strictly. I was stolen on the Korean Stock Exchange by more than 10 bitcoins ... At the moment, the position of the family needs food and money. If there are indifferent people help who can how much this ETH address is here, he accepts any tokens. I will be grateful to all of you God will not forget you. Save my position and one day save you ... Forgive me once more. (

0xa6ecEA012c39016E2526297660E50Ca86D31040a (ETH )

1AiLsQmusKQJNN6L8LvsMU52XdZXpEHmiq ( BTC )

please help for god's sake
Hi Dash's community

I am Javier Villarroel, a engineering student and a cryptocurrency enthusiast & researcher. Looking forward to be part of the community and develop projects that benefit dash's ecosystem.
Saludos a todos, un gusto para nosotros estar por acá participando de este foro. Somos una organización venezolana que se encarga de promover la adopción de las criptoeconomía, hemos desarrollado durante varios meses, encuentros al rededor del país, en las principales ciudades como Maracaibo, Maracay, Caracas, Pto La Cruz, Margarita y Valencia, empoderando con información sobre blockchain y criptomonedas a los asistentes.
De la mano de @Joney Castellanos creamos espacios de aprendizaje y crecimiento, como aporte al impacto social de esta nueva era tecnológica.
Esperamos poder compartir con todos desde estos espacios un mayo conocimiento a duplicar a toda la audiencia cautiva y por cautivar con todo este gran movimiento.

Greetings to all, it s a pleasure for us to be here participating in this forum. We are a Venezuelan organization that is responsible for promoting the adoption of cryptoeconomics, we have developed for several months, meetings around the country, in major cities such as Maracaibo, Maracay, Caracas, Pto La Cruz, Margarita and Valencia, empowering with information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the attendees. From the hand of @Joney Castellanos we create spaces for learning and growth, as a contribution to the social impact of this new technological era. We hope to share with everyone from these spaces a greater knowledge to duplicate the entire captive audience and to captivate with all this great movement.
Hi all!

We're a digital commercial and film production company based in Los Angeles. We're new to the forums but have been using Dash for a few years. Hope you are all well! We are excited to keep the conversations going and continue to add value to Dash! All the best!
Jason Bermas, documentary filmmaker, activist, and talk show host here everybody. Currently working with WeAreChange and Luke Rudkowski.
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