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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello everyone, welcome to Dash and I hope we can all help each other in some way. This is just a little notice that @demo here is here to make mischief he doesn't really care about dash, so by all means please ignore him if you want. I am sure you will come across one or more of his posts.

Correct. I dont care about Dash. I care about the new members you are trying to mislead, in order to get profit.
And here u go again, perfect example of trolling :)

Yes yes...I know. When the arguments are over, your last word is "you are a troll". This is a good argument for the stupids, but smart people never believe in the "troll" argument. Smart people answer to the trolls, until the trolls have nothing else to argue and they disapear. And this is what I am planning to do with you.

So tell me.
What is the interest of a new member, why should he want to get into trouble with your bitcoin clone?
Newbies have already served, nourish, and were sacrificed for the greedy generation 2009-2010 of the bitcoin fraud. Why should they make again the same mistake with you, the greedy Dash generation of 2014-2016?
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Hello Everyone, I joined this forum to move some Baikal Giant A900 Dash Miner units to whoever is interested in it because I noticed that there are shortage in the market for them but see the demand. Let me know if you're one of them. Thank you.
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