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hello! My name is Alexis and I am looking for a pertner who is going to Blockchain life 2019 conference which is held in 2 days!Guys!Who is visiting Singapore and participate in such a great conference??
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Why are there all these comments about weight loss? :D
Hi guys and girls.

We are new here and are a shared hosting and virtualized hosting provider.

I would like to introduce our services to the community and to eventually be your one stop shop for all budget friendly hosting needs.

We are HostDoc Hosting Ltd (also trading as KVM Doctor), a UK registered limited company. We are VAT and ICO registered and have been in business since late 2017 constantly improving the service we offer as well as available locations to launch instances in.

We currently resell our services from well respected and established data centers such as OVH, Hetner and Incero/Hivelocity and utilize only the best hardware to ensure our clients have the performance and stability they need.

We are an extremely transparent hosts and as such, we are one of the only hosts to not only display our uptime stats publicly, but we also share our cpu stats and the health of our nodes for all to see.
We are strongly against overselling to ensure optimum performance on all of our nodes and as such,take a very stern stance on resource abuse.

Our current reviews which can be found scattered around online but our preferred choice (TrustPilot) speaksvolumes of the service we provide and the lengths we go to to ensure a service worth letting your family and friends know about.

Our support is available 24/7, 365 days a year and as well as generic payment methods such as paypal, credit and debit card, we also accept direct debit and are pleased to say we accept dash,bitcoin and a range of other crypocurrencies.

The fact we accept bitcoin does not mean we accept clients whom forge their details at sign up as our services are not anonymous, we simply offer an alternative payment gateway for the ease of payment options.

We currently offer services in the UK, France, Germany, Finland, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia.
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