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New Guide About Adding Dash to Trezor For Newbies


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Last week I was sort of going out of my mind trying to find information about how to add Dash to my Trezor hardware wallet. For those who are not familiar with Trezor, it’s basically an offline wallet that stores your Bitcoins. A hardware wallet means that it’s not kept on a website, server or computer. No one can steal your Bitcoins while you sleep! Because it’s kept offline, it’s very secure. Every time you send Bitcoin to an address, the Trezor makes you confirm the send by pressing a button.

If you have a large amount of digital currency, it’s a necessity to keep it in a Trezor or other wallet offline. I would say anything over $500 is best kept off a computer. There are other hardware wallets but I’m pretty happy with my Trezor so far.

Anyway, while doing research on how to add Dash to my Trezor I kept running into articles about Dash-Electrum software problems and Trezor. I had a difficult time trying to find any helpful information about how to store Dash on my Trezor. After searching on the Trezor and Dash website without any luck, I went into the Dash Slack and asked someone in there. They answered very simply:

“You can add Dash to your Trezor without downloading any other software. Trezor supports Dash just like Bitcoin.”
Yeah, so I felt like an idiot, again. So, in order to add Dash to your Trezor, you select a drop-down menu from the upper left-hand corner:


By selecting that drop-down menu, you can add Bitcoin, Dash, Ether and Zcash coins. Each coin shows its own balance and transaction history. You don’t need to download any additional software or do anything special. The Trezor handles Dash just like it does with Bitcoin. I guess this is pretty recent development so there’s not a ton of information being disseminated online about it.

Read more about this in the Trezor blog.

Oh, and one more thing……when you’re sending or receiving digital currency in the Trezor, make sure you’re on the right coin in the Trezor menu. You must be very careful about this because the addresses are all different.

To see more articles written for newbies, check out Dash For Newbies on Medium:
Thanks, Tunga.

I had been leaning toward kraken for an initial purchase of DASH or possibly Gemini and buying bitcoin then exchanging it for DASH... all depending upon price and fees. I checked some of the entities on DASH’s site, but Kraken seemed better. Thanks again.