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Neo & Bee


The buck stops here.

Excellent opportunity to invest in one of the first major bitcoin business's in the world. By investing in the company you are purchasing shares. Each share you own entitles you to a percentage of their profits. Yet unlike investing with fiat on the NYSE, there is no guarantee that you will receive any dividends at all. Yet going by this company's track record, it seems like no risk at all.
... Didn't the economy in Cyprus collapse about a year ago?

Yeah, and the people there don't trust the banks anymore either. So Neo and Bee have started the first Bitcoin bank there, in the hopes that the people of Cyprus will find more comfort in Bitcoin then in their own governments fiat.
Hmmm... that might be a really interesting experiment. Imagine a country that actually switched to bitcoin. It would save the government a ton of money ... they would no longer have to print money, track it, bank it...
they've been manipulating their economy to pay for their outlandish spending for so long, I highly doubt they'd want to relinquish control (the Government) Who with bitcoin would pay for them to continue to exist? Bitcoin users would run the Gov out of town, LOL, if they could. Over regulation, etc... stifles everything!