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MyDashWallet with Tipping and Hardware Wallet Support

Interested in this proposal for easy tipping and online wallet creation?

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Thanks for the nice words, some things are still not enabled as we had some issues with them, but they will be enabled as soon as we have them working in our beta site:
- Scanning QR codes, especially on mobile (Android/iOS) (the print paper wallet already shows the private key as qr code, you can sweep it directly with any wallet supporting qr scanning)
- Trustless tipping and some improvements to Twitter/Reddit (our focus this week was on Discord)
- All tips are now instantly processed (during the week we had a major issue with the mixing node messing up amounts for users, now we have 2 nodes and things are nicely separated), sorry for the delays during this week, discord, twitter and email tips are going like crazy now (Discord bot was added 2h ago):

It is also important to explain again and again that all tipping happens directly on the blockchain, you can always see your balance go up and down when you receive and sent tips.

About more features in the future, we will speak about in the team and might open up a follow-up proposal next month, we already spend way more time on this than planned and our funds ran out months ago, thus we had to work on some other projects to keep the lights on. Hopefully we gained some trust and might be able to revisit the buydash site we build 9 months ago (we also have build on exchanges and shapeshift like sites since then, which would be a good addition to MyDashWallet.org as well).

If you have any problem or question, feel free to Email [email protected], so far we could help all customers quickly, for most it just works (we had maybe 5 emails in 3 months, at about 730 processed tx, 232 mixing and private sends and now tons of tips going though the site).
Hello, thanks for your help. So 'Browser Support' was broken with Ledger Nano S FW 1.4, but should be fixed with 1.4.2. I will try, thanks again!

edit: it works! So there is no more Browser Support option, it is handled automatically now
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A few more updates based on user requests we had in the past weeks:
- More friendly mobile layout (smaller fonts in header, buttons, updated design of menu, logo, etc.)
- Changed from external dash explorers (we either are blocked or they just randomly go down, not very good for our users) to our own: https://mydashwallet.org:3001/insight (this also allows us to support many more features in the future like unconfirmed tx and immediately tracking tips, tx, mixing, etc.)
- Improved address list for many addresses, each one is now text-selectable and has an extra Explore link to learn more
- Improved balance updating for other browsers (other than firefox and chrome)
- Fixed issue with Address index 0 is empty some users with Ledger Hardware Wallets reported (now more stable)
- Thanks to Ledger v1.4.1 Firmware Browser Support works out of the box and is much faster too
- Mixing now has a QR Code Scanner, like Private Key import and Sending to Address (all added earlier this month)
- Many smaller fixes

Still to come in the next months when we finally decide to put in a new proposal for the remaining work:
- Swapping Dash for other Cryptocoins (we already have an exchange with cheaper fees than Shapeshift or Changelly working with us and might provide all those plus a few more options too)
- Revisit of our old BuyDash proposal and integration into MyDashWallet: Buy Dash directly with Credit Cards (we also have a credit card provider that handles all the risk and problems, fees are a bit high at 5%, but this would really make it easy for anyone to quickly buy Dash without having to go through the super-painful process of registering in an exchange), maybe later adding options to buy via decentralized exchanges too (some support fiat)
- Mixing and the Tip Bots are used a lot, we have a huge list of features still to be done (mini games, community contests, voting, better rain, dice, etc.)

If you like MyDashWallet.org or have a feature request, leave a comment here ;)