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Mycelium Integration

Let me update you guys about what happened with this project.

TLDR; We are dependant on Mycelium's architectural changes, and cannot continue integration until we receive information about how their modular architecture will look like. Efforts are spent on other projects in the meantime.

In more detail:

Mycelium decided to split the work on the wallet. The NEW wallet (with the new UI) will be implemented separately from the modularization of Classic wallet, the Dash integration will be done along with the update of Classic wallet. This will speed up the integration process. When the NEW wallet will be ready, everything will be probably merged to it.

Major changes
- In preparation of dash integration in Mycelium (classic), the transaction broadcast- and receive was moved to an SPV module.
- Securing communication between modules involved some research.
- The Dash SPV module has been updated, to make it consistant with the Bitcoin SPV module.
- Changing the main programming language from Java to Kotlin.

We are keeping in touch with Mycelium, and when this dependency is solved @tomasz.ludek will continue working on the project.
To better cope with these changes, we decided to track the project in JIRA instead of dashboards, so that everyone can be up-to-date about what is happening at any time.

Currently Tomasz is working on dashj, focusing on extending the documentation found on the wiki. Besides the documentation he will be working on a sample project (which will based on the code prepared for Mycelium)