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I would be interested in having a discussion with members of the community who have a working knowledge of Monero.

I have read as much as I could find on it, and am working through their forums; there is a lot that seems suspect to me but I can't say I have wrapped my head around it yet.

Some of the things I'd like to learn about:

1. As I understand it, the Monero wallet is closed source? At least the wallet intended for day to day users, full node is open source?

2. Does anyone really buy this "large, important, but anamed Finish company is buying as much Monero as they can, already own 1%"?

3. What tech do they bring to the table? This is a legitimate question, I am not trying to troll Monero users. The ring signatures anonymity model went a bit over my head but it seems to me a lot of what makes Monero appealing is closed source.

4. Why do they hate Dash so much?

I think those are my core questions, I would love to learn from those who have a better understanding of Monero than I do.

2. might be totally possible as somebody has some serious financial incentive in them
they are pushing harder than anybody else + incl their Troll Caravans (must be paid)

they are stuck in the "Anon Race" and believe that is still on
that is why they hate and hustle us
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Anyone have more detailed input on this subject? I'd really like to learn more about the tech behind Monero from those members of the community who understand it best.