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Mixing / Time frames etc-


New member
I know this is a theoretical question but has anyone used pvt sent for slightly larger amounts of dash?

I initiated two payments (one for 100 dash & another for 79) more or less as a test using the web wallet/accessing hardware device.

I'm not stressed @ the fact it has passed the quoted time however I just wonder if anyone else has used this service for slightly larger payments as of yet..

Cheers guys, sorry if there is another thread about this, but it would be good to know the current state of the service as I'm relatively new to Dash
i do not understand
what web wallet are u talking about ?
are u asking how long it takes to send PrivateSend ? takes a sec same as regular transactions
Since 0.15 was released, PS has become horrendously slow... So bad you better not use PS if you ever expect to touch your DASH again... Since the release of 0.15, I've manged to mix a grand total of 9.7 DASH. I have many thousands waiting... It's never going to happen.