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Mixing and sending the final round to different a account


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As far as I understand, the only option to do mix is using dash-core, but it does not support a hardware wallet setup. I would really like to use dash-core as a temporal account only for mixing, that is:

1. An account is setup on dash-core (using an hd-wallet), and all the income transactions are sent there (that will be the receiving account).

2. Dash core is configured to mix everything (or almost anything) it receives with 16 rounds, but the final round, instead of using a dash-core address will use a never used dash address generated from a different account (that can be linked with a hardware wallet or with a mobile wallet).

Is it possible to configure dash-core to make something like to use a different account (an xpub) to send the final transaction of the private send?
A possible approach would be to mix with 15 rounds and once finished make the final round manually, but I'm not sure how to make a manual coinjoin transaction.

Other posible approach, if it were impossible to make a manual coinjoin is to make a fake coinjoin with the available outputs that would look (externally) as a coinjoin, but would only involve owned addresses.
Not possible, just do privatesend for the whole amount to an address generated by your HW wallet.
If the same amount go in and out of coinjoin is not impossible to match (while it is not possible to be certain 100%). Regarding the fake coinjoin transaction, what makes that impossible, do they have any special metadata that is not possible to fake?