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Missed money


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Hello. There are tokens in the wallet on the balance.
However, I cannot send these tokens.
This error appeared when trying to convert money into "Private send"
I can't figure out where to look for them?

The errors I get when I try to send (linux version):
The server returned an error when broadcasting the transaction.
Consider trying to connect to a different server, or updating Dash Electrum.

Missing inputs


not enought funds
(winwdows version)
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Arę you sure that you have successfully mixed the coins? If they have not enough rounds you setup in settings the wallet will see it as no balance available as they are not ready yet to be spent.
Keep them mixing and try in a while again.
Also go to top menu hit view/show coins and see if you can see them and how many rounds they are mix already.
Go to top menu wallet/Privatesend and see how is the progress....