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Mises Event - San Francisco Seminar on the Future of Money

How much would you donate towards the sponsorship of this event?

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"We will have event promotion mentioning DASH sponsorship on May 2 and May 14 on Facebook and Twitter."

First email promotion:

Update! The sponsorship has been pre-paid!

I have sent the sponsorship donation on behalf of Dash Digital Cash to the Mises Institute for this upcoming event. You can find the Mises Institute Dash address at https://mises.org/giving/bitcoin-and-paypal-gifts
Their address: XmrRnqMd5qiS6MAYiekNAtKZ2qcvBrHUg3 (verify by going to their website)
Donation transaction: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/tx.dws?6291287.htm
Outputs: 10.30927835 Dash (@$485 = $5000)

If you would like to donate to reimburse me, please send your donations to: Xt4P5AhQXfNTLYVJuDtkw7HNR8LPQmonCx
I have kicked off the reimbursement with my own contribution of 1.509 dash.

In Addition,
This Mises event has switched locations from a public library to Marriott at Union Station. They are wondering if a few Dash community members would like to attend.

If anyone is in the San Francisco area around May 19th and is interested in going to this blockchain-focused event, let me know!


We have confirmation from Jeff Deist (the president of the Mises Institute) that all plans are good to go!

This $5000 sponsorship will include:

* The first Dash sponsorship of a Mises event
* Dash exposure to 200 people at this blockchain-related Future of Money event
* 250 Dash flyers printed and sent, for people to pick up at the brochure table
* Dash listed as a sponsor on the event info page
* Dash sponsorship recognition in the upcoming social media and email promotions

Promotions mentioning Dash will be linked here when they are posted.

This flyer will be professionally printed and sent to the event:

Final Cost:
- $5000 - Sponsorship
- $200 - Flyers
Total: $5200 or 10.5 Dash

Reminder: Because of how small this sponsorship is this will be funded by donation. I will front the cost to secure Dash's mentions on upcoming online promotions.


Hello, Dash Nation!

I'm Jmmon and I've been in the Dash community for almost 2 years now.

I'm in contact with James Dunavant, director of development at the Mises Institute and he's looking for a $5000 sponsorship for an upcoming Mises event in San Francisco on the Future of Money. The seminar is on May 19th and is focused on blockchain technology. Because the proposal fee itself is almost half of the entire requested amount, and because DashBoost has not yet ramped up to be able to fund this large of a proposal, I think it may be best for this sponsorship to be crowdfunded by the Dash community.


The seminar will be held at a public library so the Mises team is not allowed to sell books or charge for registration. We are discussing how Dash can be advertised or promoted at the event. Some ideas that were floated are:

* Promote Dash on the Mises Facebook page on posts and pictures about this event
* If pamphlets are being handed out at the event Dash could get a spot on there

Feel free to contact me with your ideas on how Dash can be promoted! This is still up in the air at the moment.

Estimated Cost: $5000 for the sponsorship @$444/Dash (current price) = 11.26 Dash

I already know a few people that are willing to pitch in some Dash for this event. Please let me know if you have questions or ideas or if you would be willing to donate Dash towards this sponsorship! You can easily reach me through PM on Discord - jmmon - and I'll also watch this forum post.

EDIT: There will be a booth at the event for Mises information/pamhplets. Dash pamphlets can be on the table for people to grab. If anyone has a printable PDF pamphlet with basic Dash info let me know.

I've only been emailing him since yesterday about this event so details are not final.
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Thanks for spearheading this opportunity to engage with Mises, @Jmmon. In general I don't think any of us should be donating our own funds when we have a treasury that's specifically designed for such things, but I understand the circumstances make this one hard to make into a formal proposal. This is exactly the kind of thing I thought Dash Boost would be good for, but that's not mature enough yet. I hope it gets to a point where this amount could be funded off treasury (by DashBoost).

With that said, I'm happy to donate. I answered the survey - not sure if you can see individual results. Mises is a great organization to collaborate with. Hopefully at least some of the big wigs at Mises see Dash's gesture. That alone would make it worth it. I'm indebted to them for their education over the years.
I promissed the Mises Institute that I send them some Dash if they implement it. And I think this would be the best way to fulfill my promise.
"We will have event promotion mentioning DASH sponsorship on May 2 and May 14 on Facebook and Twitter."