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Mining vs Masternodes - What are the differences?

I wanted to share the economics and logistics for those who want to know the differences between Mining vs Masternodes and how they compare, and identify the differences between those two.

Masternodes is a newer concept, it started with the release of Dash Masternodes in 2015

With Masternodes, you earn an income on a regular basis based on the Payout structure provided by each independent coin developers. We recommend you research what the Developers have programmed as a payout structure for the particular masternode you wish to run.

The differences between Mining and Masternodes are as follows:
Mining requires Electricity charged at a high cost, and Physical Mining Equipment.
Masternodes requires a VPS, and ownership for the required amount of coins to run a masternode.

Some coins require 1,000 and they can go up to 500,000 coins required to run a Masternode.

When it comes to mining, you do not need to purchase a set requirement of coins, instead, you would put your investment towards hardware that you need. I hope this gives some insight to this community when it comes to defining Masternodes

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