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Mining DarkCoin on a Mac


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Is anyone mining on a mac successfully? I can't find any program that will work for DarkCoin. Asteroid and MacMiner both reject all my hashes for DarkCoin but not for AuroraCoin. I'm not really sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
this guy on reddit posted this

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3 are currently available - ig0tik3d (https://github.com/ig0tik3d/darkcoin-cpuminer-1.2c, https://github.com/ig0tik3d/xcoin-cpuminer) and elmads (https://github.com/elmad/darkcoin-cpuminer-1.3-avx-aes),
NOTE: Make sure you go with the 64bit build, and run both options -b and -t 32 for the most efficient least CPU intensive mine ;)

I know how to make a .bat file is Windows, but not on OSx. Have my first macbook so gladly welcome a tutorial.
Well this is weird.

With the above, in OSx I get under 50kh/s, but in the same machine with a VM Ubuntu 3 cores 2GB ram, I get 250kh/s
I just wanted to post that ccminer now supports Darkcoin and I'm using it successfully in OS 10.9.3 getting 2180 KH/s average from a GTX770. It only drops to 1600 KH/s while playing CounterStrike GO above 60 FPS with graphics cranked up, lol.

I haven't been able to find a CPU miner. The darkcoin-cpuminer-1.2c won't compile for me or anyone else with OS X that I have heard of and xcoin-cpuminer doesn't want to connect to a Darkcoin pool.

More Mac support please!
And thank you!
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I have an iMac with GT 775M, it runs at 520 khash/s. Is that any good? :)

Im surprised it isn't a bit higher. You're using ccminer right?
I recommend fan control software like Macs Fan Control to keep the GPU cool because it will slow down as it heats up.

Isn't the computer super usable with the miner running? Bioshock Infinite takes no performance hit and I still hash at a minimum of 1300 kh/s while in combat lol.
We'll be seeing some Mac retail store botnets for sure.

I'll be setting up a friends GTX780m iMac soon. Also I'll be reinvesting in an external GTX750ti setup for my Mac Pro after the rally and I'll post up the "install" (on a Mac that means plugging it in :) and results so others can follow.

There are so many Macs out there idle right now not mining anything, and Dark is perfect for them.

- Just got xcoin-cpuminer working. X11 needs a capitol X. With it my w3520 only gets under 20 kh/s and it cuts 400 kh/s from my GPU. Disappointing.
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I did in fact order a GTX 750 ti last time DRK was just under $15 (TigerDirect with BTC of course).

The GTX750ti is not mac compatible at the moment. My '09 Mac Pro would not even boot. All non-Maxwell nvidia cards are compatible but these are a little too new. On a Hackintosh with an alternative bootloader and the GraphicsEnabler=no option, an OS X machine could boot with a 750 but with graphical glitches. I think this setup would be fine for mining, but I have not found a way to get GraphicsEnabler=no on a standard Mac Pro, at least at my level of experience.

I did set up that GTX780m iMac and its hashing just under 1300kh/s and staying quite cool. I installed Macs Fan Control just incase, but so far no need for it. Again, mining made no difference in performance!
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The latest CCminer "2800kh" code has been compiled for Mac!
ccminer for OSX | John Chapman

This took my GTX770SC from 2180kh/s to about 2400kh/s, but killed the frame rates in my games and even just dragging windows around. It did the same on the 4770k i7 / GTX780m iMac I'm playing with, but went from 1300kh/s to 1500kh/s. So for now Im sticking with the old code since these machines get used, at least during the day.
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