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MinGW Runtime Assertion!!??


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Good Day People!
Could Anybody help me out? Clicked on my qt wallet today and got these bloody errors:
watch screenshots. Assertion Failed, and some pindexWalk something!!???
Please, help me People!


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Make sure your antivirus does not block files in DashCore data folder and then:

0. update to new version (optional)
1. right click on Dash Core shortcut and add -reindex to command line
2. start it once and wait for reindex to complete
3. stop wallet and remove that -reindex addition
4. start wallet, should be no error now
You mean add "-reindex to command line" to the name of dash qt.exe file?
It doen't work man( Same errors(
It's All Good, Man. Thank Yoy very Much! I executed what you said in windows' terminal and it worked.
Appreciate, Man!
Perry Woodin

This might be easier for your. Click the Windows Start menu and type cmd into the search box. That should open a command prompt. In the command prompt, type the following:
cd "\Program Files\DashCore"
dash-qt.exe -reindex

Doing the above will force your wallet to reindex the entire blockchain. That could take a couple of hours.