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Meet Up in Russia, Krasnodar


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Hello, DASH community))

We finished our first meet up!

I am glad that we were able to collect a good audience. But at the same time, we have identified a number of difficulties. All the pros and cons, I will describe in this post.

1. We had 15 guests. 6 people knew nothing about cryptocurrency. 11 people did not know about Dash. 9 people have come on the recommendation of friends, and the rest learned from advertising on the site Dash, blogs about Dash and repost from social networks. 7-8 people could not come for various reasons. Time of the event for 2 hours.

2. Structure of the presentation: What is cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency advantages, Bitcoin and its brief history, some facts, statistics, examples of personal use. Next on the TOP 10 cryptocurrency and the transition to the benefits of the Dash (Dash why I choose !?). Completing the fantastic performance forecasts Bitcoin exchange rate and the prospect of growth in the Dash. Questions - Answers.

3. Every guest can play with us in the game. We provide coin Dash guests, and they buy these coins for a piece of birthday cake. If the guest does not want to play, then he received a cake without paying :)

4. A total of 12 people have expressed a desire to play the game, but no one had the opportunity and skills to quickly establish Dash purse. As a result, we have opened the service exchanger das purses and enrolled them there. Even a simple registration on the exchanger has taken a lot of time and want to continue the game became less. Therefore, the conclusion is simple: If an event of more than 5 people, you focus on the benefits of the Dash and assign a second "advanced" meeting, where you play with people in the game of "buy for the Dash." Making the game in the first introductory meeting with a large audience is quite difficult. Especially if the guests do not have computers, smartphones such as Android, as well as not have advanced skills to use computer programs. The result: only 4 people have played the game, 5 established itself wallets after the event, only 10 people have received or bought after the event, Dash. 3 people already has Dash.

5. Recommendation to the speakers. Told the first meeting of his personal experience, and why you like dash, Bitcoin, the idea cryptocurrency. People interested in the history, tell your story how you met with Bitcoin, with dash. On your first winnings or lose. About the benefits of using and be sure about your vision for the future!
Start your first event with the story for one person, let it be your brother, sister, friend, or husband / wife. Train them. As they say, it's fun! Collect then 3-5 people.
Give Dash. This is the only way at the moment to enable a person in the process of using cryptocurrency.
Even if a person sells a coin, he will remain with his use of the experience, and this experience of his new life.

Grateful for the support @alex-ru , would be without it could not make the event complete and interesting!

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