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Max Block Size


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the Max Block Size is set to 750,000. I believe the masternodes voted to up this to 2,000,000.

This type of change should be rolled out over time. That is a block height could be chosen ( 623,000 around Feb 2017) and the maximum switched over by that height. That way anyone who upgrades their client before Feb would not have a fork risk.

This avoids having everyone switch at once, and minimizes fork risk.

I would support coding this switch as soon as possible to increase lead time, and prepare the network for more use. I would have trouble believing a prediction about DASH use in the future. These things can change very quickly, and depend on several variables all of which are hard to predict.
You know, we have a hard fork coming up with 12.1. I believe the block increase might be included in it. Anyway, because the way Dash does hard forks, it's not so much a risk, not like other coins. First, the new wallet is rolled out, and we're given time for everyone to update. When the Masternode Network updates to - I don't remember, some number like 80% or 90%, this triggers enforcement. At that time, if miners haven't updated, and what they mine hits not correct to the new protocol, then the block is rejected by the Masternode network and another block is chosen instead. Dash isn't even close to filling up blocks, so it's not an emergency. Really, the vote was to show how issues are quickly resolved with the Dash Network.

Don't fear the Spork (soft fork) :p;):D
The block size increase is not in evolution


If a time line converted the blocksize before 0.13 then the code for 0.13 could be simpler, no if then statement would be needed. It is still desirable to have a block height where the change happens so that you can announce a mandatory upgrade before a fork is possible. People's clients could still stall even if it is called a spork. Code will do what it says even if it's called something different.

Honestly, the next 0.12 iteration should have the code to accept a fork(or spork) so that activation will go smoother. Evolution is not expected to be launched until August of 2018 it's impossible to know what dash use would do between now and then. Also, it is likely that this date could be pushed back.