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Masternode questions

365÷8,68(payment cycle)×1,94=~8.15% ROI

If you ever post in this forum again I will release your full dox, you apron-selling little shit.
I smelled a troll, but I figured I'd stop short of "If you have that much money, maybe you should educate yourself well enough to handle it responsibly?"

This Snowflake troll is clearly not interested.
Anyone know what will be the ROE when we reach 5000 masternodes?
This is basic math... An 8 year old should be able to figure it out in 60 seconds or less.
365÷8,68(payment cycle)×1,94=~8.15% ROI
I use dashninja's per-day data to multiply by exchange rate. Then I can take that number as daily, and multiply is by 1, 7, 30, or 365... Easier. More flexible.

Amortize your server costs by the same ratios.

Bring it down to the smallest granular unit, and then multiply as above...

What's left over is your ROI.

Who doesn't know how to do this?

Trollthread is full of trolls.