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LuckySlider.com NEW Instant & Private online luck game :)



LuckySlider.com - every slider wins!

We are proudly presenting www.luckyslider.com beta release, one of the many future games which are going to be developed exclusively for DASH!

Without account, privately test your luck with LuckySlider in a 100% fair game.

What is LuckySlider?
LuckySlider is gambling game that uses DASH as the only payment method. We would like us to promote as DASH gaming / gambling community project where we could attract more users by showing the power of InstantX.

How to play?
LuckySlider is very easy to play. It requires a couple of easy steps:

  • Enter your payout address - the address that will be used to send you the winnings
  • Choose your range by moving slider handles
  • Press ROLL
  • Enter your client secret (this is to rotate the result we've chosen, see "Is it fair?" section)
  • Send DASH via InstantX to your dedicated unique deposit address using your Dash Wallet - amount of dash you have to send should be less than or equal to 0.3 at the moment, but we plan on extending later.

We accept normal transactions as well, but you would have to wait until it is confirmed.
Once we have received the payment for your ROLL you will be sent money if you have won any.

NOTE: If you deposit more than 0.3 DASH, we will log that information, and send the remaining back to you. We plan on automating this functionality in the next minor version, but for now, you would have to contact us at: [email protected].

How much do I win?
Moving handles on slider will show you the payout multiplier in the real-time.

NOTE: We might change the formula in the next version - once we have enough players, we will use smaller house edge.

Is it fair?
When you press ROLL button, the new game is created. You will see your selected range and SHA-512 hash of the result and server secret. Result and server secret are randomly generated by the server.

Then roll and server secret are concatenated by putting dash in between, e.g. roll 5 and server secret “176gaysdgsjhldf8yoqu2bhewfads” make a result string “5-176gaysdgsjhldf8yoqu2bhewfads”. Before you pay, we send you SHA-512 of the result string so you can use it later to verify the outcome.

We support client secret as well. That is, when you click roll, we will send you SHA-512 of the result string (mentioned above). Then you will be able to enter your secret as alphanumeric array of characters whereby each character will be observed as its ASCII value. After that, we will add the value of each character to the actual ROLL, find modulo by 10 and add 1, e.g. if original roll was 5, and your secret is: “clients”, then c (99) + l (108) + i (105) + e (101) + n (110) + t (116) + s (115) = 754. (5 + 754) mod 10 = 759 mod 10 = 9; add 1 and we have 10, which is the new final outcome.

You can use http://passwordsgenerator.net/sha512-hash-generator/ or any other SHA-512 generator to verify correctness of the hash.

Kind regards,
Instant & Private Gaming Dev Team
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Hi everyone,

A couple of people have given us very nice feedback. We would appreciate to hear some thoughts from the community itself.

We understand that DASH is not yet at the stage where people would spend it on gambling, or anything at all. The community would rather hold positions, which is understandable at this point.
Also, IX transactions are not cheap.

However, we hope that at some point in the future, maybe with Evolution release, we could show the power of IX transactions.
We've tried to demonstrate it with this simple game.
Are we on the right track?

I would like to see more use-cases where InstantX will be used for "real-time" applications.

Gambling was probably the easiest path to start with. I will try to think of better ideas and implement them.

I believe that having more DASH dedicated platforms could raise its value.

Thanks and kind regards!